Everything on the Gray Dawes Travel website is super useful to both clients and prospects. Most information can be easily found within the headline pages, which then lead the visitor deeper into the site and on to specialist content.

However, as members of the Sales or Account Management teams, below is a directory of particularly valuable content you can find on this website, either openly available via the navigation or ‘hidden’ behind a campaign or landing page. Use the links to share directly with your audience.



Why Use A TMC?

This landing page gives a thorough and compelling answer to the eternal question, and includes a bunch of spin-off links to other supportive content.

What Is A TMC?

This is a co-branded Gray Dawes / BTA infographic video which introduces what a travel management company is and the services / value they deliver. Perfect for students and companies currently self booking their travel.

This page has answers to all the most frequently asked questionsfor customers and clients getting started with Gray Dawes. 


This is the 2021 Gray Dawes Travel brochure, for clients and prospects who like their marketing collateral a little more old skool. The links offers both PDF download and online flipbook versions.

How To Conduct A Successful Travel RFP

This really useful ‘how to’ guide walks the audience through the various steps of commissioning a TMC and provides some handy hints to ease the RFP process.

We have created LOADS of content all about how to travel in a post-Brexit world, from videos to landing pages to Blog articles. This is the latest, bitesize checklist detailing everything a client needs to know about what’s changed and what to do now.


Throughout the summer of 2021, we ran weekly REFRESHER TRAINING sessions covering everything from how to book domestic, European and International travel to online tutorials for YourTrip… and everything in between. Here you’ll find invaluable session recording videos you can share with clients and prospects.


This two-page PDF factsheet is a downloadable asset and gives a great insight into what a new client starting with Gray Dawes should be thinking about.


Help new clients get the most from the Gray Dawes Travel technology suite; share this page with them which explains the various domains and URLs they need to whitelist.

A landing page dedicated to the SME market, giving a great overview our our services along with the feature, advantages and benefits of using Gray Dawes Travel.


A landing page created for the Valentine’s Day campaign but certainly applicable for any prospect who is getting no TLC from their incumbent TMC. Gives a great overview of our services and why Gray Dawes can be a great match for any organisation.


This landing page gives a great overview of YourTrip and includes dedicated content for YourTrip+, including FABs and promo video. There are also links out to YourTrip Cares and the YourTrip Booker app.


YourTrip Cares provides safety and risk insights during the booking, “Stay Safe” alerts and notifications for those travelling and a centralised global monitoring solution for the back office. This dedicated landing pages reveals all!


Stay Safe is the indispensable traveller security feature built-in to our online booking tool, YourTrip. Tailored specifically to an individual’s travel itinerary, ongoing destination updates, notifications and alerts are delivered directly to the traveller via email and mobile messaging throughout their entire trip.


We have formed an innovative preferred partnership with Certify to offer a simple, end-to-end automated travel and expense management system, from booking a trip through to expense reimbursement. Gray Dawes’ customers can now book travel itineraries that seamlessly integrate with Certify expense management software, making the expense process streamlined and paperless. 


We took a typical week in September 2021, looking at 6 clients and their hotel self-booking habits for that week, to see if they could have saved money by using our own tool rather than their incumbent Concur solution. On a like-for-like basis, the results surprised even us!


We bring you all the capabilities of our desktop online booking tool, YourTrip, straight to your mobile device with the YourTrip Booker App. With the most flight, hotel, rail and car hire options out there, you’ll be spoilt for choice, as this landing page demonstrates!


YourInvoice provides free and secure online access to your entire business travel billing history, allowing you to stay in complete control of your corporate travel finances at the click of a button.


This is the online form new clients can complete in order to apply for an account with Gray Dawes Travel. The completed form goes through to named Sales, Operations and Account Management staff as well as Credit Control and Marketing.


Direct link to the TPF; the client fills this in and their details are fed directly into 3DS. Nice.

This landing page gives an overview of our Air booking capability, supplier loyalty schemes and more.

This landing page goes into detail about our rail booking offering.


This landing page goes into specific detail about our European Rail services and the benefits this can bring to clients over more traditional air routes. All very convincing!

Everything you (or your audience) ever wanted to know about Gray Dawes Travel’s hotel programme and service.


An overview of our data reporting services, including some examples and a plug for Account Management and Gray Dawes Consulting.


The Schengen visiting allowance permits non-EU citizens to spend a maximum period of 90 days within a rolling 180-day period within the EU Schengen Area. Breaching this allowance will have a significant impact on a traveller’s ability to travel, but YourData can provide a handy report to notify travellers and managers if that limit is close to being reached.


Not necessarily to share, but this landing page template gives an overview of the current implementation process and contains some useful pointers and processes.


Here you’ll find the full standard Terms & Conditions of service between clients Gray Dawes Travel.