With wholly owned Gray Dawes offices located across the UK, USA, the Netherlands and Australia, we’re well-situated domestically and globally to support you with your international business travel.

And no matter when or where you are in the world, our award winning high touch, high tech service is delivered seamlessly, right around the globe.

Our Global Reach



The old ‘out of hours’ service offering is now a thing of the past. In fact, Gray Dawes doesn’t have an out of hours operation. That’s because we are ALWAYS ON. No matter where or when in the world our clients need us, we’re there.

Our unique ‘follow the sun’ service model is achieved via our three core Gray Dawes locations: UK, USA, the Netherlands and Australia. Each operation hands over to the next around the clock, meaning a seamless Gray Dawes solution to our clients with consistent service levels, technology, data and care.


What works in one country will not work in another. We get that.

For clients demanding specific in-country service with local language and currency, our unique Gray Dawes Global Partner Network ensures we keep our clients travelling with the very highest standards of personal touch and outstanding technology.

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Personal Service

Before, during and after every trip, Gray Dawes is your constant travel companion. We’ll build a dedicated team of travel experts around you, selecting just the right account manager and travel consultants with experience in your industry and a personality fit with your culture.

Traveller Safety

With our indispensable travel app for desktop and mobile, TripSure, see the location status of all your travellers instantly, with customisable alerts and notifications, destination risk management, health and security advice and comprehensive itinerary management.

Genuine Savings

Whether you’re booking travel, meeting with your account management team or evolving your travel policy, we will guide you to achieve greater value and increased efficiency from every aspect of your corporate travel programme.



Often claimed but rarely achieved, our innovative ‘follow the sun’ delivery model means we provide a truly ALWAYS ON service, caring for our clients around the clock – when they need us, where they need us.

In any working day, our UK offices hand over to our USA offices, who in turn pass the baton to our Australia offices. This ensures our clients are always looked after by Gray Dawes staff who share a single technology solution and a single brand promise – to do things better.

24/7 global service

24/7 global service

ALWAYS ON business travel model
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Content is King

As pioneers of NDC adoption, and with our retail approach to content strategy, we not only deliver the widest choice of travel options, but can also guarantee the best fares, right across the globe. On average, our proprietary Gray Dawes Fares Programme consistently saves our clients over £250 against traditional GDS airline content on long haul fares.

Knowledge is Power

The Gray Dawes data analytics tool ‘YourData’ provides the most sophisticated and entirely customisable dashboards which can be drilled down to any level of data for traveller behaviour, compliance and cost analysis as well as carbon data statistics and much more.

Technology is Simple

Our Portal provides a single personalised environment from which travellers, travel arrangers and travel managers can easily and securely access (via single sign-on) our full suite of online travel tools and technologies, including traveller profiles, trip information, online booking, duty of care information, traveller tracking, data and much, much, more.


We’d love to talk to you. Get in touch with your local Gray Dawes office and let us introduce you to better business travel.


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