At Gray Dawes we believe that content is king. That’s why we empower our clients with the freedom of choice, giving them everything they need to book better and spend smarter all in one place.

With no restrictions to a single GDS, we deliver content from recognised travel retailing sites, such as Booking.com and Expedia, alongside direct airline, hotel and rail suppliers, traditional GDS, web rates, NDC and more, giving you the confidence that you’re getting the best possible price.

It’s all about quality AND quantity. All the brands you know, all in one place, and all tailored to suit you.


Getting you Into the Sky

We collect the very best air fares directly from suppliers and via NDC sources, giving you the freedom to choose flights and ancillaries that best suit your specific budget and needs.


Book the Perfect Hotel Stay

We have fostered long-standing relationships with hotel suppliers from across the globe, offering you specially negotiated rates from booking.com and Expedia alongside GDS content.


For When You’re on the Ground

Secure the very best deals on car hire and taxi services via content we source through our negotiations with trusted suppliers such as GroundScope – each one flexible on price and car type.


We shop around for the best fares, so you don’t have to

We operate in a volatile pricing market. When it comes to ensuring our clients get the best fares and rates, our retail content strategy is key to countering the challenge of “I can find it cheaper on the internet”. Through our YourTrip platform, we provide content and pricing parity regardless of how a booking is made and managed (online, offline or both).

Content is sourced from the GDS and from the internet via supplier API’s. Such is our success that we are the number one TMC consumer of BA NDC content in the UK (40% of transactions, 10%+ saving compared to GDS) and the number two TMC consumer of Expedia Affiliate Network content (50%+ of hotel transactions).


get offers from multiple sources across the globe, including GDS, web, NDC and supplier direct


leverage our global buying power via established relationships with air, hotel and rail suppliers


access content that’s tailored to you and your needs, based on travel policy, budget and preferences


Get access to a greater choice of enriched air content without the hassle of shopping around.

NDC was developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) back in October 2012, revolutionising the way in which air travel content was distributed and purchased. Gray Dawes were one of the early adopters of the standard. It allows us to put our customers at the very centre of the travel experience and saves them from the hassle of trawling through innumerable sources to find the air products they are looking for.

The numbers speak for themselves –  82% of fares are on routes flown by NDC airlines, and a third of what we sell is cheaper than a traditional TMC.

Average saving of short-haul NDC fares versus Non-NDC fares on flexible tickets

Average saving of short-haul NDC fares versus Non-NDC fares


The percentage of fares on routes flown by NDC participating airlines

Average saving of short-haul NDC fares versus Non-NDC fares on restricted tickets


content sourced and itineraries crafted by dedicated teams of passionate travel experts who understand your business


all travel content is subject to our deep-dive data analytics, for reporting and influencing future trends and objectives


content that covers your trip from beginning to end, door to door, and with local knowledge of regional and global offers

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