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Introducing YourTrip

Access multi-channel content for unrivalled choice and the best fares when booking air, hotel, rail, car and ancillaries.  YourTrip, powered by Atriis, presents GDS, web, airline-direct (NDC) and supplier direct rates in a simple and intuitive user interface. And given it’s the same tool used by Gray Dawes Travel Consultants around the world as used by our clients, support and integration is seamlessly simple.

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Have complete control over your business trip, from your front door to the office and back again.

Whether you need to book flights, rail, accommodation, car hire, ground transfers, or much much more!


Whether agent managed or booking yourself from your smartphone or laptop, YourTrip is the same tool across the entire Gray Dawes solution.


We know the nature of travel can be changeable, so we’ve made it simple for you to amend your itinerary, all in line with policy.


YourTrip delivers content from GDS, NDC, the web and supplier direct to give you the biggest choice and the best fares available.


Finding The Right Flight Is A Breeze

The widest choice, the best fares

Fully integrated into Gray Dawes Travel’s PORTAL via a single sign-on, YourTrip’s user interface is clean, simple and intuitive, and a joy to experience.

For example, flight results are delivered in a clear layout, allowing users to further explore different variations on the same booking, all in full compliance with your corporate travel policy.

Content comes from across the GDS (Global Distribution System), airline-direct (NDC – New Distribution Content), supplier-direct and the web, including Expedia and Booking.com, so you’re assured of the widest possible choice and the very best fares available. 

A Stunning Hotel Booking Experience

Enhanced features and functionality

YourTrip features cutting-edge hotel functionality with more unique functionalities introduced all the time.

The highly filterable search is super easy to navigate. With content delivered from GDS, NDC, online and supplier direct, including booking.com, YourTrip delivers a full hotel gallery, allowing for a better viewing experience. And innovative filters in the hotel rate results and an included ‘In policy’ filter allows users to hide all Out-of-policy rates.

YourTrip features a fully interactive Map View. Using an upgraded Google Maps API, which features new and upgraded Points of Interest functionalities, allows users to search for the results in a specific area on the map without entering new search parameters and restarting the trip.

YourTrip+ enhanced by Grapevine


Once your flights are booked, that’s only the start of a fantastic business travel experience. Enhanced by Grapevine’s Artificial Intelligence engine, YourTrip can automatically recommend hotels, transfers, car parking, lounge passes and even restaurants – all based on your previous personal choices and adhering to your company’s travel policy. And all bookable directly from the app.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use next-gen AI to get a deep understanding of traveller preferences to deliver personalised, right time, right channel messages both pre and in-trip to enhance your travel experience.

Smart Data

We start by ingesting data from multiple sources, including historical bookings, live trip information and company policies to get a clear understanding of each traveller and how we can help.

Recommendation Engine

Our state of the art AI then builds recommendations that are both personalised to each traveller and optimised for time and channel. And YourTrip is constantly learning so your next trip is even better.

Next Level Traveller Tracking

Working seamlessly with YourTrip, TripSure constantly monitors every element of every trip, sending customised alerts to travellers and bookers on the status of each specific itinerary.

With a fully interactive dashboard, TripSure provides Travel Managers with current traveller locations, provides risk alert overviews, flight status and country security advisory ratings.



We know that booking your business travel can often be a  time-consuming and long-winded process.

Which is why we created YourTrip – a platform which easily allows you to book all of your travel in one place.


With over 2,000,000 accommodation options to choose from around the globe, you won’t struggle to find somewhere to stay – wherever it is you’re travelling to.


We’ve taken the hassle out of booking travel. By streamlining the booking process to one central hub, you’re able to control all of your bookings in one place.


We take the hassle out of planning your itinerary. YourTrip will build your full itinerary based on the bookings you make and email it to you directly.



We understand that booking your travel can cost you, not only in money but also in time. YourTrip uses pioneering technology to combine all available industry rates for accommodation, flights, trains and more, into one easy-to-use platform. You’ll save yourself time and money on every trip you book.



Book, amend and cancel bookings online  

Search the whole of the marketplace to find the most competitive fares

 Refine your search by preferred airline or hotel supplier

Add your existing loyalty schemes into your profile and collect points


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