Our Consulting Team take complex issues from the travel industry that matter and dissects them to help you make better decisions surrounding your travel programme.

Autumn Report

Travel Trends in the Corporate Sector: what businesses now need to know and do

Analysing the Travel Trends and real-world data of Gray Dawes clients, this report is timed to facilitate the discussions travel managers are, or should be, having in planning how best facilitate the company’s wider objectives with their travel programme.

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Zooming Into The Post-Covid Era: Analysing the false economy of digital conferencing

In this unmissable Research Paper, Gray Dawes Consulting Manager – Aman Pourkarimi – reveals how travel managers have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to positively impact their entire company beyond just covid savings.

Autumn Report

We review the unprecedented year that was 2020 and what to expect in 2021 AND BEYOND

A report into the status of business travel, with data trends and commercial analysis to help inform policy and behaviour. The report measures the health of travel via four segments: governments, suppliers, businesses and travellers.

Autumn Report

A look into the impact of COVID-19 on global aviation and international hotel capacity

Focussing on the Air and Hotel markets, this insightful free publication examines the current status of business travel in the UK, using data trends and commercial analysis to help inform corporate policy and business travel behaviour.

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Gray Dawes Consulting is an impartial, in-house team of experienced travel data experts who combine 90 years of experience, market-leading tools and analytical thinking to drive corporate travel booking efficiencies, cost savings and traveller satisfaction.

Our approach is to fully understand a client’s organisation; its culture, employees and business objectives, which helps us make informed, realistic, achievable and measurable recommendations about enhancing your travel programme.

We typically deliver up to 22% in savings by looking at 28 KPI levers surrounding costs. So, if driving value is your goal then our holistic approach is designed to assess and measure efficiencies at every step of the booking process.

We make sure we have every eventuality covered to ensure your travel programme operates more efficiently through change.


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