Gray Dawes Travel, in partnership with Forest Carbon, offer an awesome carbon offset programme designed specifically for business travellers.

LEGACY ensures your business travel can be managed with a tangible focus on sustainability. That’s great for you, your organisation, the business travel industry and, of course, the planet!

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Business travel represents a vital practice for any organisation. The ability to visit customers, attend events and conduct face to face meetings is essential. But it has to be done responsibly and sustainably. Gray Dawes  allows you to offset your entire business travel carbon emissions automatically through LEGACY.

From your travel bookings data, we’ll calculate your carbon emissions using the DEFRA model and transfer the numbers (anonymously) to our partners, Forest Carbon. They will turn that data into Carbon Credits – approximately 1 tonne of CO2 emissions equates to 1 carbon credit.

Your carbon credits are then invested in sustainability projects either in the UK or abroad. For example, 1 carbon credit will mean between 4-12 trees or 50-100 square metres of peatland restoration.



Legacy UK carbon offset


Woodland creation and peatland restoration projects
While a short-term issuance of a carbon credit is given with regards to ownership, these new woodland and new peatland restoration projects represent future carbon savings. These projects offer long-term domestic investments of carbon offsetting as the carbon credit created won’t mature until the trees have grown – typically between year 15 to the end of the project lifespan which, on average, is around 65 years.
Legacy Intl carbon offset


International based projects
Legacy supports international projects of older, more mature woodland and peatland restoration projects (which are already returning a measurable carbon capture sequestration) along with international renewable energy projects. The carbon claim or carbon saving is in the recent past. As a result, they can provide a true, current carbon offsetting measurement for your organisation.



Sustainability is extremely close to our hearts here at Gray Dawes, a family owned business since 1927.

Such is our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality, our owners – the Inchcape family – have converted nearly 500 acres of land on their Glenapp Estate in Ayrshire, Scotland, to permanent woodland creation. Occupying an area the size of almost 300 football pitches, the project is an even mix of native broadleaf trees and commercial conifers; the scheme will help both enhance biodiversity and provide shelter for livestock. It will also produce much needed domestically grown timber.

Using the Woodland Carbon Code Calculator, it is estimated that over the 75 year lifespan, the project will sequester 42,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. This exciting project at Glenapp Estate is just one of the many projects Gray Dawes clients can choose to support as their LEGACY carbon offsetting programme.



We sat down with Forest Carbon directors, Stephen Prior and George Hepburne Scott, to discuss the LEGACY programme, what it means for business travellers and how organisations or all sizes can benefit from implementing a sustainable travel policy.


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Our Sustainability Partners

Forest Carbon leads the way in developing woodland creation and peatland restoration projects for carbon capture and ecosystem services. Through the planting of over 9.5 million new trees in 200+ new woodlands in the UK since 2006 our partners’ projects are removing over 2.000,000 tonnes of CO2 from the global atmosphere, as well as providing a host of other benefits to society, including flood mitigation, river improvement and public access. 

The quality of Forest Carbon’s schemes is assured by the UK government’s Woodland Carbon Code and the IUCN’s Peatland Code, both of which certify our projects in important areas like biodiversity, ‘additionality’, risk management and carbon capture measurement.

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Keep Track Of Your Carbon

At the touch of a button, you can see exactly what your company’s carbon footprint is, via our intuitive YourData online reporting tool. Individual carbon totals are presented for each element of your business travel, including flights, hotels, trains and everything in between. The Carbon Dashboard takes into account the mode, type and class of transport too, based on the booking, to accurately calculate the CO2 figure used by Forest Carbon in your chosen LEGACY programme.

carbon data dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Legacy work?

Once signed up, we’ll monitor your travel bookings data and calculate your carbon emissions using the DEFRA model. We then transfer the numbers (anonymously) to our partners, Forest Carbon. They will turn that data into Carbon Credits – approximately 1 tonne of CO2 emissions equates to 1 carbon credit.

Do UK projects generate carbon credits?
Our UK projects are certified under the Woodland Carbon Code (WCC). At the start of the project’s life an initial carbon credit is issued, called a Pending Issuance Unit (PIU). This unit represents future carbon emissions savings that will occur as the woodland grows. Over time these units should be converted to Woodland Carbon Units (WCUs) – representing a carbon saving that has now occurred.

A PIU is not a guarantee that the expected future carbon saving will occur – the project durations are decades (as long as 100 years in some cases). Because UK projects do not represent an offset happening right now, and cannot be guaranteed due to their long term nature – our PIUs are backed by the retirement of an international Verra Verified Carbon Unit (VCU) carbon credit on a one to one basis. These credits represent carbon reductions or avoidance that have already occurred and been verified. This means that you can confidently say you have offset your carbon emissions while also supporting the creation of woodlands in the UK for future carbon sequestration.

How much does it cost?

The current pricing of Legacy is £35.00 per tonne of carbon generated for our main product offering UK and international offsetting.

We also offer an international project only option for £19.00 per tonne.

It’s important to note that there are many variables which dictate the cost of carbon, as well as the type of travel and what emissions that creates. As a result, prices are liable to fluctuate.

The rough theoretical maximum cost to offset business travel flights, for example, will be around 2% of the ticket cost. There are so many variables – depending on ticket type, etc – all of which are calculated accurately and displayed by the Carbon Data Dashboard for each trip.

How much carbon emission equals a carbon credit?

1 tonne of CO2 emissions roughly equals 1 carbon credit.

What do I get for my carbon credits?

Depending on the type of sustainability product, 1 carbon credit will equate to 4-12 trees planted and managed or 50-100 square meters of peatland restoration. The reason those numbers are so widely varied is simply because project types vary so much; project locations, species mix, planting density, management, etc.

For example, a London to New York return flight, travelling in business class, will emit approximately 4.75 tonnes of CO2. In a UK LEGACY project, that would generate between 16 and 50 trees planted, depending on the chosen project, or between 250 and 500 square meters of peatland restoration.

Is it charged per booking or per trip?

Your carbon emissions are calculated for each element of your business travel – air, rail, hotel, car, etc. and the cost of that is priced accordingly.

You are not charged per booking.

How are Legacy projects quality assured?

All projects offered as part of the Legacy programme by Forest Carbon are validated and verified under the leading Voluntary Carbon Standards, whether they’re based in the UK or abroad. The standards, under the Woodland Carbon Code, were launched in 2011 by the UK Government and is recognised internationally as one the world’s leading carbon standards.


  • Independent audit by bodies accredited under the relevant standard
  • In the UK context standards themselves accredited by UKAS to ISO 14064/5
  • Conservative, scientifically sound and project specific carbon savings estimates
  • Additionality
  • Permanence
  • Monitoring
  • Buffering
  • Meets social, environmental and legal requirements
  • Leading examples: VCS (Verified Carbon Standard), Gold Standard, Plan Vivo, the UK Woodland Carbon Code, the UK Peatland Code.



  • Once project certification is complete, carbon credits will be issued on a registry
  • Online and public listing of credits: origin, ownership, certification status, carbon credit status (ie used or unused – can only be used once)
  • Allows transparent demonstration of fulfilment of environmental commitments
  • IHS Markit, American Carbon Registry, Verra, Gold Standard
Do I get a carbon offsetting certificate?

Yes. Forest Carbon will work with Gray Dawes LEGACY to produce quarterly certificates, detailing all the CO2 a client has committed to offsetting during that previous quarter. We’ll include information of number of trees planted, number of hectares of peatland restored, etc.

Gray Dawes and Forest Carbon will also provide regular updates on the development of projects.


What and where are the Projects?

Forest Carbon have over 200 projects in the UK and abroad. However, they have specially selected a range of projects, both domestic and international, for Gray Dawes LEGACY.

Click HERE to download the current LEGACY portfolio.


Can I visit the woodland project?

Clearly, there are logistical challenges for overseas projects. However, for UK based LEGACY projects, Forest Carbon are committed to arranging some bespoke visits to projects which will be on a first come / first served basis. There will be an element of restriction on visitor numbers and there may be additional charges involved. Photos and updates on the projects are available on request at the discretion of Forest Carbon.

Can I opt out of the Legacy programme?


Though we’d love for you to commit to your LEGACY programme on an annual basis, we appreciate things can change. So, just let us know if you’d like to stop or just take a break.


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