monitoring every element of every trip for peace of mind


Working seamlessly with YourTrip, TripSure constantly monitors every element of every trip, sending customised alerts to travellers and bookers on the status of each specific itinerary.

With a fully interactive dashboard, TripSure provides Travel Managers with current traveller locations, provides risk alert overviews, flight status and country security advisory ratings.​

For the traveller

Providing on the go insights and safety features

The TripSure app works in synergy with YourTrip and offers travellers on-the go access to all the information they may need about upcoming (and current!) trips.

Handy flight status updates and an easy to understand five-level traffic light system (from severe to minimal risk) gives travellers and their companies peace of mind over both destinations and journeys.

For the organisation

Helping you meet your duty of care requirements

TripSure’s wealth of features provide bookers – and the organisation at large – with quick, simple access to vital traveller data. It’s interactive global map provides an easy to understand interface allowing you to quickly pinpoint all current traveller locations.

Risk alerts, country security advisory ratings and health security assessment ratings provide you with the information you need to make informed business decisions about your travel. 

The platform also provides expense management and data can be exported into PDF or spreadsheet formats, providing a simple way to track and record.


Quickly and easily stay in touch to stay safe

If the worst should happen and you need to find and contact your travellers in the case on an emergency, TripSure has you covered.

TripSure allows you to send GPS check-in notifications that travellers can quickly respond to in an emergency to let their organisation know that they’re safe.

It’s message control centre allows for SMS, email and push notifications to ensure you can keep in touch with your travellers.

Get started with TripSure

Getting started with TripSure is a breeze. For all bookers and travel managers of existing Gray Dawes clients, it’s built directly into our powerful technology suite, Portal.

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For our clients’ travellers, if you’d like to access all the great features that TripSure offers you on the move, you’ll need to download the TripSure app to your mobile device. Simply choose your preferred platform below.




The YourTrip app works in synergy with our TripSure app, giving you the tools to monitor every element of your trip for perfect peace of mind. Featuring on-the-go updates and a wealth of features from global location maps to risk alerts, you and your travellers will never be left in the dark.

Experience YourTrip

TripSure works in tandem with YourTrip – our powerful online travel booking tool and app. It provides a wide range of features to enhance your business travel experience at every stage. To find out much more about how YourTrip can support your business travel programme, visit our YourTrip webpage.


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