Implementation FAQs


First login to YourTrip

I have received a Welcome email

but can’t log into YourTrip?

Please check that you are using your work email address. You will need to set a password when 1st logging in.

How do I reset my password?

Please click on reset password. If you do not receive an email within 30 minutes please contact your Gray Dawes offline team for assistance.

Can I amend my profile

details i.e. name?

Certain details can be amended in your profile however, Name is a field which cannot be changed. – please click on your name at top of welcome screen. You may also want to add additional information such as passport & visa, and supplier membership numbers.

Using YourTrip

How would I find user

guides for YourTrip?

Click on Quick Links at the top of the Your Trip welcome page. This will give you access to users guides and videos. Please contact your company travel administrator if you require further training.


I cannot find the right combination

of flights on the Results page?

You can use the time filter bars on left of screen to select your timings, or start your search again using ‘search by schedule’ rather than ‘search complete trip’.

My travel policy allows for Premium Economy but there is no available Premium Economy seat?

We recommend performing a search in economy and then selecting additional fare options on the results page. This will give every fare option from lowest to highest on the selected flight, and ensures you will find the right fare for you.

How do I know the flight rules?

To understand more about each fare type, please review the tab named ’branded fares’ located towards the righthand side of the search results. A pop out box will open which details what is included and any change/cancellation penalties for each fare type. If this isn’t available, please click on additional pricing options and there is a ‘fare rules’ tab on the right.

How do I add baggage to a flight?

Once the flight search results have returned, please view the tab named “additional pricing options”, which will pop out a box with further fare options. These will provide fares with further baggage allowance choices. Please note that some low-cost carrier standard fares do not allow baggage to be booked at the time of booking, sometimes it is necessary to retrospectively book this offline with the reservations team.

I require approval to book an ‘out of policy’ flight, how do I book?

If your company has set an automated approval process, please book your flight as normal. At the end of the booking you will be asked the name of the individual who should approve your out of policy flight. Please select the name from the drop down and that person will be sent an email to confirm or deny their approval. It is imperative that that individual is available to approve the flight before the booking expires.

Please note that only a passive notification will be sent for no frills airline bookings, and non-refundable hotels. The reservation will be confirmed automatically so we would recommend that you obtain verbal authorisation before making these bookings if outside your company policy.


I need to book a hotel that is

cancellable, how do I do that??

Please review all hotel options returned for the search criteria. Once you have selected the desired hotel option by clicking the purple button named “Room rates & Info”, this will provide more specific information for the selected hotel. Scroll down the page and you will see the cancellation policy information in red text under the room category details. If you hover over the red text, it will provide you a full detail for the specific cancellation policy. Please note that cancellation policies can vary per room type booked and per hotel selected.

I need a hotel near my meeting

venue, how do I find the closet?

You can type in the address, or reference point, into the ‘where’ box, either on the search page or on the search results page. Results will be returned in distance order from the details entered.

I want a hotel booking that

includes breakfast?

When you have found a hotel in the right location please click on ‘Room rates and Info’ to obtain all of the room options. Each rate will confirm whether breakfast, or wifi, is included in the rate booked.

I have arrived at my hotel and the

hotel does not have a record of

the payment?

Please note that the hotel will always have been sent payment details, but on occasions this is mislaid by the property. We do recommend that if you are regularly booking hotels that you download the Conferma Pay (you can download our Conferma Pay factsheet here) App onto your mobile phone. Please register using the work email address that Gray Dawes use for your booking. This will enable you to view your booking, and the unique card number used to pay for your reservation, which can be shown to the Hotel Reception. Alternatively, please call your Gray Dawes offline Team, available 24 hours, who can assist.


Can I book e-tickets?

Yes, for most journeys you can either select e-ticket or Ticket on departure (To be collected at station). Please note that you will need to save your tickets into your phone wallet if using e-ticket. Ticket on Departure is not available within 2 hours of travel.

What information will I require to

collect tickets at a Rail Station?

You will need your booking reference number. The machine will ask for your payment card, you can use any debit/credit card to collect tickets, this card will not be charged, it is purely for ID purposes.


What support is offered at Gray Dawes?

Contact your Operations Team for any travel enquiries or questions about online booking, including access issues and adding traveller profiles. The contact information for your nominated team is available in Your Trip – click on ‘Contact Support’ on the Your Trip welcome page. During your online booking journey the ‘Request Assistance’ button at the bottom of each page will also enable you to contact your team.

Contact Credit Control team for any invoice/remittance queries.

Your Account Manager is available for all other queries not related to day to day bookings ie Reporting requirements, changes to company profile, and will work with your nominated travel contact to proactively improve your travel experience.

How do I contact Gray Dawes outside

normal working hours?

Gray Dawes offer a 24 hour service. You simply call your Gray Dawes offline team any time of day and there is someone available to assist. We do recommend that this service is used outside the hours of 08:00 – 18:00 Monday – Friday for urgent enquiries, or in an emergency, as the service is charged at an additional fee of £25.


How can I change my booking

once confirmed?

We would recommend that you contact your offline team to make any changes to bookings – as above, a call to this number any time of day or night will get you in touch with a member of the Gray Dawes Operations Team.

How do I cancel an air ticket

or a hotel room?

We would recommend that you contact your offline team to cancel any bookings – as above, a call to this number any time of day or night will get you in touch with a member of the Gray Dawes Operations Team. The team will be able to confirm any cancellation fees or whether a change to the booking might be more cost effective.

Is there a booking app?

Yes! Simply search for Atriis Mobile on either the App Store or the Google Play Store and use your usual log in details. You can manage your bookings on the move, and even make new reservations. If you want to learn more about our mobile booking app then click here.

Can I book ancillary services i.e. car

parking and transfers?

Yes! – You can book flights, hotels, rail, car hire, transfers and UK airport car parking easily through Your Trip. If you require anything else, please contact your Gray Dawes offline team.

How can I be sure I am getting

the best prices?

YourTrip is an aggregated tool which pulls in content from many sources, giving you the confidence that you’re getting the best possible prices. For flights we have negotiated airfares, content direct from airline websites, traditional airfares and access to all ‘no frills’ airlines. To access the lowest hotel rates there is content from recognised travel retailing sites such as and Expedia as well as pricing directly from the hotels. Your Trip also includes rates from a large selection of car hire companies, rail operators and ground operators. All easily accessible in one site.