Business Travel Management Information

Your Account Management team consolidate all your company’s travel activity and spend into a number of meaningful regular reports which instantly feedback to you key travel related data; total spend, most utilised routes/ suppliers, out of policy bookings (plus reason), average room night costs, frequent travellers, carbon offset plus much more.  Management Information not only serves to highlight travel trends and activity but also brings to light areas of potential exploitation for future cost reductions and efficiency increases.  No two companies are alike and the information that is of key interest to them differs accordingly.  As such we tailor the reports to the exact requirements of each client.


Management Reports that meet Your Exact Needs

During the implementation of your business travel account we will agree a series of monthly management reports which we will create and send to you on a monthly basis. Additionally, we will provide authorised users access to your management information and live booking data online.


Within your account implementation we will agree which management reports are of key interest to your business. Your Account Director will then create and deliver these reports to your applicable personnel monthly. As well as producing the reports, we will also scrutinise them to further understand your booking profile and trends and also look to highlight opportunities for future exploitation; cost savings, efficiency increases, route deals etc. As well as your monthly reports you can also request ad-hoc reporting at any time.