supporting your duty of care in an ever-changing environment


Protect your travellers

Your employees are your most important asset. Ensure you do everything you can to fulfil your duty of care requirements while they’re travelling with YourTrip Cares.

YourTrip Cares provides safety and risk insights during the booking, “Stay Safe” alerts and notifications for those travelling and a centralised global monitoring solution for the back office.

The intelligence it offers allows for more informed travel choices, gives reassurance to those travelling and peace of mind for employers.

In booking

Providing intelligence for informed travel choices

During the booking process, YourTrip Cares provides risk analysis and insights from the respective destination country’s official foreign affairs channels at the touch of a button. This includes information on entry and exit requirements, transport & infrastructure, health insights, natural hazards, security and special risks and considerations such as Covid19.

Put simply, it provides full transparency and enables a truly informed choice for bookers and travellers.

Stay Safe

Email alerts and mobile notifications on the go

YourTrip Cares’ Stay Safe service provides real-time email and mobile alert notifications for travellers, both pre and during trip. Updates to a country’s risk or safety information will be sent prior to departure to ensure travellers remain informed in advance of travel. While away, mobile notifications can be sent to the traveller to provide real time alerts on any relevant breaking or updated information.

It’s the perfect solution to keep travellers informed, reassured and alerted to any updates.

Global Monitoring

Always know where your travellers are

YourTrip Cares’ Global Monitoring service provides comprehensive traveller tracking technology to ensure you know where your travellers at all times. It provides the tools needed to monitor your travellers, based on risk level, destination status, risk types and locations.

If an in-country risk unfolds, Global Monitoring provides the tools to send personalised communication via email for distinct travellers and events to give travellers reassurance and, if need be, help get your people to safety.

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