And the winner is…3DSuite from Gray Dawes Group


We are extremely proud to advise we recently became winners of the GTMC innovation award 2017 with our very own product, 3DSuite, a product built in house by our own development team. 3DSuite collates customer-facing, back-end traveller and third-party data to enhance customer service.

3DSuite is a traveller-centric profile storage, data validation and workflow initiation tool.  It now forms the key foundation-stone of all Gray Dawes Group booking systems and is both a launch point as well as a central reference point for all of our traveller and company profiles.”

The main function is to provide quick access to multiple layers of data that are relevant to the traveller, and drive this data into each of Gray Dawes’s booking platforms. The solution guarantees consistently formatted data across all environments

Behind the scenes

Optimising customer service goes way beyond client-facing components – and 3DSuite’s (3DS) back-end functions are essential to the solution’s success. Although the tool isn’t directly customer facing, the data improvement it has brought about is revolutionising our ability to report on, and more importantly – advise on – travel activity. Our customers are continually benefitting from a lower service failure rate, better management advice and quicker service response times from our consultants.

In addition to sophisticated front-end technology, 3DS also has a range of back-end functionality and reporting that delivers new levels of performance diagnostics. This reporting has enabled Gray Dawes to drive down booking times, so increasing productivity and therefore lowering per-booking operation costs – in effect making us both more efficient and competitive.


Championing innovation


The GTMC Innovation Award, in association with Travelport, recognises those business travel organisations behind game-changing solutions that are driving the industry forwards. “The momentum of business travel is vital to the UK economy as trade volumes contribute greatly to economic growth,” says Adrian Parkes, chief executive officer of the GTMC. “As our research with Oxford Economics demonstrates, the average international business travel air trip triggers a £34,000 contribution to gross domestic product (GDP). In fact, an increase in business travel of just one per cent grows foreign direct investment (FDI) by 0.3 per cent, the equivalent of providing a £100 million boost to investment.”

Parkes adds: “Congratulations to Gray Dawes Group. It is great to see such innovation in our sector to improve both the external client and internal user experience. I was particularly impressed with the design and control methodology that have produced excellent early results for Gray Dawes Group and their clients.”

The last word goes to Paul Broughton, regional managing director of Travelport in the UK and Ireland.“We’ve supported the GTMC Innovation Award for four years now, and we believe it’s part of our role as a travel technology organisation,” he says.

What made 3DSuite stand out to Travelport? “It puts the customer right at the centre of everything,” says Broughton. “It’s a solution designed to integrate Gray Dawes’s solutions and processes, and also work with their third party tools, such as the GDS.

“I like that the solution is built from the ground up, and is designed to give a blueprint of Gray Dawes’s service proposition. They opted for a ‘right-first-time’ approach, whether that was reducing data errors, improving billing accuracy, improving customer service overall by ensuring that the corporate’s preferences and then the individual traveller’s preferences were followed.”

“I want to extend my congratulations to Gray Dawes for a compelling submission and commend them for recognising the importance of investing in technology that drives customer service.”