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The role of a business travel booker cannot be overstated. Every journey holds the potential to shape an organisation, foster growth, and fortify relationships with clients and stakeholders. However, navigating the labyrinth of business travel demands more than just a keen eye for flight times and hotel prices; it requires a mastery of the art and science of the industry.

In this guide, we give our top tips to help you stay ahead of the business travel game and become the smartest business travel booker in the room. We highlight the importance of having access to comprehensive travel content, extol the benefits of advance booking, reveal the secret to getting the best rates on flights, and give you tips to save money on hotels.

Have You Got All of the Content You Need?


When it comes to business travel booking, content is the undisputed king. Make sure that your travel management company (TMC) is offering you all of the content you need, all in one place. Without access to clear and comprehensive content, you risk missing out on the very best rates across your entire journey.

Remember though, it’s about quality AND quantity. There’s no use in having thousands of travel options if not one of them fulfils the wants and needs of your travellers. At Gray Dawes, we deliver content from a variety of quality sources that we completely tailor to you. This includes content from recognised travel retailing sites such as and Expedia as well as direct from airline, hotel, and rail suppliers, traditional GDS, web rates, NDC, and more.



Make sure that the content offered covers the whole of your trip. At Gray Dawes, we offer a fare desk from the time of ticketing right up until 24 hours before you leave, ensuring that the lowest costs are maintained throughout.

Are You Booking in Advance?


One of the biggest cost-saving measures any business travel booker can make is to book their travel with plenty of time to spare. It is recommended to book your travel at least 90 days in advance to get the very best rates available – sticking to this timeframe could save you around 52% on domestic flights, 40% on European flights, and as much as 38% on international flights. 

But try to think further than “How am I going to get to the airport?”  Figure out where you need to stay, whether your traveller will need any assistance at the destination, and what contingency plans you might need in case of an emergency. Use the knowledge and full experience of your travel consultant to get everything you need locked down long before your travellers leave. 


Are You Getting the Best Rates For Your Flights?


Securing flights that keep both the budget and travellers happy can be tricky. Sometimes, when faced with little option, travel bookers will sacrifice one or the other to get their travellers off the ground. This satisfies nobody – the company are left out of pocket or the traveller is left to reflect on an unfulfilling trip.

Don’t settle for less. On average our Gray Dawes Fares Programme consistently saves our travel bookers over £250 against traditional GDS airline content on long-haul flights. These savings, when combined with our commitment to traveller well-being and experience, mean that we can guarantee the best prices and a trip to remember. 



Watch Now

Check out our Travel Talks webinar about how to effectively control your corporate travel costs with our very own Chief Commercial Officer, Warren Dix, and David Oates, Group Procurement Officer of Wates’.

Does Your TMC Offer Negotiated Rates for Hotels?


Find out if your TMC has long-standing relationships with hotel providers so that you can take advantage of specially negotiated rates. These rates will be exclusive; they can be tailored to suit your specific needs and budget. But don’t ignore content from travel retailers such as Your TMC should work closely with these parties too. 

At Gray Dawes we deliver a unique content strategy that allows us to source the best rates from Expedia and as well as the GDS and our own negotiated rates. We leverage our knowledge of the hotel industry to help you manage cost. For example, did you know you can save up to 15% on accommodation when you book at the same time as your flight to create a single bundled travel transaction? 



Avoid hotel stays on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. You can save up to 27% by staying on a Thursday night in Europe.

In Conclusion


Business travel booking is not merely a matter of logistics. As highlighted throughout this guide, success hinges on knowing the industry and staying ahead of the curve. 

By ensuring you have access to all-in-one travel content, booking in advance to capitalise on cost-saving opportunities, securing the best rates for flights, and taking advantage of negotiated hotel rates, business travel bookers can help save their organisation money, enhance the traveller experience, and position themselves as indispensable assets. 


Three reasons why our award-winning service is the right travel fit for your organisation...



Boutique Service
A personal touch delivered by real people with a passion for travel.



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