Booking travel is easy. We book our own train tickets, holidays, city breaks all using the internet to aid our search. It wasn’t that long ago we would need to go down to the high street to discuss our travel requirements. Despite being easily accessible, booking corporate travel is a different ball game. It’s time consuming, complex and can be overwhelming when presented with too many options. The other key factor to consider is if you’re a PA, Executive assistant or in a similar role, the likelihood is that you will not be booking travel for yourself. Booking for other people with tight schedules is not an easy or stress-free task.

Here are a few factors to think about when considering using a Travel Management Company (TMC) to take care of your business travel requirements.


Personal dedicated service

Someone who knows your travellers and their requirements is already a huge head start. Mr Jones only likes a forward-facing window seat when travelling by train. Ms Jackson prefers a microbead pillow over feathers and has a dairy intolerance. Trying to remember each and everyone’s frequent flyer numbers is just a headache. Using a TMC like Gray Dawes will have the ability to securely hold this information in a traveller profile allowing each detail and specific request to be placed into the booking at the time it’s made.


Being a TMC ourselves we know first-hand how important our clients time is. Our team of business travel consultants have an average of 19 years booking experience and have access to thousands of rates and fares that will not always be available to the public. With this much experience our teams know the best ways to find the most cost-effective combinations and options in a shorter time than it would take a traveller, PA or assistant with minimal experience.

Account Manager

With anything cost is always a major factor and controlling it is key. A good TMC will allocate a dedicated account manager who will get to know your travel programme and look to identify ways to cut the cost of your travel without cutting corners on the product or service they offer. They can also advise you of beneficial loyalty programmes to join, work with supplier relations to negotiate hotel rates or air fares. All this while giving you regular reports so you can see the savings for yourself.


There are occasions where you will need to find your traveller fast. How would you do this if you have no idea where they made their booking? A TMC will have the ability to track travellers within minutes providing the whole itinerary is booked in one place. When an employer is responsible for the safety and welfare of an employee – this is invaluable.

Gray Dawes can track travellers with items like inventories, flight lists and passenger name records (PNR) held in Global Distribution Systems (GDS), these databases are kept meticulously up-to-date. With a click of a mouse, we can precisely locate where business travellers are any time, whether they’re at their hotel, attending a conference, or in transit we have the ability through various technology driven channels to keep track of their safety.


This message is simple. By implementing a Travel Management Company, you can iron out the creases in your policy, save invaluable hours in man power and keep your travellers safe. To find out how we can help you, send us an enquiry online
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