It has its misconceptions, however business traveller tracking in today’s corporate world is a very useful tool for any company to have. It may feel strange that there is always someone knowing where you are, but, it’s an incredible benefit when travelling on business. In this blog post we’re going to explain why traveller tracking is so useful, and some of the advantages it can provide.

First of all, let’s discuss how it works. All flight lists, inventories and passenger name records and other details are held in our Global Distribution System (GDS), giving us a complete overview of all traveller’s plans, these systems can then give managers the ability to send important updates to their travellers as soon as they receive them. Rest assured that our clients can see exactly where their travellers are every minute of the day, whether it be at the hotel, en route somewhere, or at a meeting.

Business Traveller tracking is an important aspect of Duty of Care, allowing a travel management company to know where you are should make both you and your employer feel secure. The security of our travellers is something we take very seriously and wherever you are, you know you can always trust us to help your company in any situation. In the very unlikely situation such as a natural disaster was to happen, then our clients can see where their business travellers are at the click of a button and can send messages to them alerting of any potential problems they may face.

Some travellers obviously are concerned that this tool can invade on their personal privacy, however it’s important to remember that this is in place for safety and is incredibly beneficial if you’re in a place that is foreign to you. It can even give the ability for travel managers to plan for the trip and show any potential locations that may have problems associated with them, so if need be, alternative plans can be made.

We hope this blog post was a good explanation of what traveller tracking is, how it works and why it is so beneficial to a company’s travel programme.

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