When it comes to business trip accommodation are you somewhat of a hotel room veteran? Or do you prefer the home comforts of a serviced apartment? Don’t book your next trip until you’ve weighed up the pros and cons of both.

When it’s time to book your business trip, comfort is everything. A good night’s sleep and a restful evening can be the key to how motivated and alert you’re feeling the next day, particularly after a long flight. Therefore deciding where to stay can really make or break your trip, it’s a decision which shouldn’t be taken lightly! At Gray Dawes, we offer a range of accommodation options – including serviced apartments and the more traditional hotel room. Serviced apartments have seen a rise in popularity recently, but are they really a better option than hotel rooms? Let’s take a look!

Why choose a serviced apartment?

  • You’ll feel at home

A serviced apartment really is a ‘home from home’. Whether you like the idea of having more space to yourself or being able to wash and dry your clothes, it’s the closest thing you’ll get to being in your own home.

  • You can cook your own meals

If you’re trying to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle, having your own kitchen to prepare and eat home-cooked meals in can be a huge advantage. You’ll have full control over your diet and not have to worry about getting dressed to enjoy breakfast in the morning!

  • Save money

Booking a serviced apartment can save you a surprising amount of money on your business travel, particularly for trips which are on the longer side. We’d recommend costing up the possibility of a serviced apartment for your next trip to see how much you could save.

Why choose a hotel?

  • Be looked after

After a long day travelling, the thought of having to cook your own meal after landing from a 12-hour flight might not seem so appealing. Staying in a hotel you have the option of room service or enjoying a delicious meal in the hotel restaurant.

  • Rest in luxury

Hotel rooms are often far more luxurious than your average bedroom, whether this means an extra-large bed, a more comfortable mattress, or a pillow menu to choose from, you’ll enjoy a luxurious night’s rest.

  • Build loyalty

If your job entails you visiting a particular destination time and time again, being loyal to a hotel which is convenient for your trip can pay off. A lot of hotels have loyalty programs designed to reward frequent customers, this could reward you in a number of ways: access to luxury lounges, complimentary room upgrades and even free stays.

So when it comes down to deciding what to book for your next business trip, the decision really does come down to the individual and your needs, as there are pros and cons to both. But we’d recommend trying both and seeing what works best for you. If you’d like to speak with one the Gray Dawes Group team to discuss your business travel accommodation, get in touch here.