For the tired men and women who spend more time on the road than they do at home.

For those that are greeted by colleagues with

“Hello stranger,  I remember you……you work here right?”


Wherever possible try to avoid booking the last flight of the day. That’s the best way to get stuck at an airport overnight.

Bring a car charger. There is nothing worse than landing with a dead phone when you need to find your hotel or directions to a site.

Never forget your neck pillow. A good neck pillow can be the difference between exhaustion with a side of chronic neck pain, and a well-rested employee.

Yelp is the most useful travel app on Earth. Download it and you’ll have no trouble finding a great restaurant, calling a taxi, or getting reviews on pretty much any business you can imagine.

Save a little time for yourself. Like an evening to grab a nice meal with a friend, see an event, or explore the city… Otherwise, you’re going to get burned out in a hurry.

Avoid Red-eyes. It’s easy to think, oh, I’ll just sleep on the plane, and then I won’t lose a day of work… WRONG! You never get a full night’s sleep when you’re constantly interrupted by connections, beverage service, and in-flight announcements, the flicking of magazine pages. You arrive at work and spend the whole day drinking coffee and falling asleep at your desk. Hardly productive is it?