Last week we looked into what takes priority for Business Travellers, but what about the other segment of the travel world?  The wish-list of a leisure traveller has it’s similarities but the purpose of the trip is obviously worlds apart.


Price. 85% of leisure holiday makers will decide on their destination by cost.  The bigger the discount – the bigger the appeal.  Simple as that.

Location.  We have established that location is driven by price. We also need to factor in what is in the area for that bargain cost.  “Close to the sea”  “Local market”  “Plenty of restaurants within walking distance” Are all typical search entries when looking for a deal online.

Board options. The number of people are travelling is obviously reflected in the cost. Within that cost leisure travellers look at the value of their money.  Value is often reflected in the board options.  Some deals offer a very small increase in total cost from bed and breakfast to all inclusive for example. If the board basis is an important factor in your holiday, check all options before confirming – you might be surprised!

WiFi. Family holidays will always range from the adults to toddlers to juniors moving on up to the stroppy young teens.  Whatever the age, the technology driven world we now find ourselves in means we have sadly all become very reliant on the powers on connectivity.  Our advice, Your on holiday – look up from your tablet, phone or kindle and enjoy your surroundings. The every day routine is fast approaching.

Unique Experiences. Recreational travellers want to create memories during their trip.  Whether it’s a day at the safari, local water-park or a glass bottom boat trip.  Having access to information around excursions is vital for some holiday makers.


Not everyone wants a package deal for their relaxing break.  Gray Dawes Group have a team of highly experienced Leisure consultants who expertly create bespoke holiday options to suit all budgets.  To find out more visit our holidays section.