With the busiest travel period of the year well underway, unfortunately we’re hearing about airport strikes, delays and cancellations on an almost daily basis.

Delays and cancellations have become an unavoidable part of air travel, and something that most frequent flyers will have to deal with at some point in their travelling life. But what can be done to avoid the stress and problems that arise from flight delays and cancellations?

Stay Calm

Whether you’ve been planning your trip for months, or whether it’s a spontaneous weekend getaway, the frustration of having your plans altered or even worse – completely scrapped – is considerable. However, getting angry and frustrated will only make the situation more unbearable, and will actually make it harder for you to think straight and start planning alternative arrangements. So, despite the frustration, try to stay calm!

Be Organised

Sometimes strikes or cancellations are actually announced quite far in advance, so it pays to keep a keen eye open on the run up to your trip. We regularly send out travel alerts to our database of clients, the moment we hear of a cancellation or strike we’ll inform our travellers so that we’re able to help them make alternative arrangements where necessary.

Keep an eye on your airline carrier’s website, as well as the news, to ensure you’re ahead of the game. That way, if you need to book alternative transport, you’ll be able to do so as soon as possible.

Don’t forget – if you’ve had to re-organise your flight, this may affect your accommodation booking or transfers too. When you’re stressed out it’s easy to forget these, so stay organised and consider these too. As a TMC, we’ll happily take care of your complete trip itinerary for you. Once we’ve rearranged your flight, we’ll help adjust the rest of your bookings as and where they need adjusting.

Don’t Dread Delays

Long airport delays can be incredibly boring, a lot of sitting around awaiting that all important ‘flight boarding’ call over the tannoy. But there are ways you can make the most of the free time! Why not consider buying a pass into your airports lounge if you haven’t got one already? It’ll be a much quieter, comfortable space to relax in, which will also allow you access to complimentary refreshments. Some airport lounges have exciting additional features too, such as complimentary haircuts, shower-rooms, and comfortable bed spaces to rest on.

Did you know lots of airports have gyms too? Why not squeeze in a quick workout? Those exercise-induced endorphins are sure to cheer you up, and you’ll be feeling raring to go once you eventually land the other side.

Why not treat yourself in Duty Free? Retail therapy is one sure way to cheer yourself up quickly, whether you find a new pair of sunglasses or a great book to get stuck into while you wait.

Whatever it is you choose to get up to, to make that delay more bearable, just don’t forget to keep an ear and an eye out for updates on your flight! The only thing worse than delayed flights, is a missed flight.

Let us know your favourite thing to do when stuck in an airport for an extended period of time, and have a safe flight this Summer!