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Our travel technology is simple, as well as being innovative in every facet to assist you along your journey.


Delivering a completely new and unique solution in business travel management. YourTrip uses metasearch techniques to present content quickly and efficiently.

It aggregates rich content, delivers real-time fares and rates (including agency negotiated fares, corporate negotiated deals and discounted fares) and provides availability from not just one but multiple Global Distribution Systems.



Enjoy access to hundreds of reports through our online reporting tool, YourData (powered by Microsoft BI). Reports can be downloaded via PDF dashboards on a 24/7 basis, as well as to CSV files or posted via FTP to your data warehouse.

With our bespoke reporting system, you’ll have a complete breakdown of your entire travel spend. It doesn’t stop there though, as you’ll be able to enjoy access to other information such as pre-agreed KPI’s and traveller trends. Rest assured we’ve got everything covered.


Travel Trends
Travel Trends

We tasked Gray Dawes Consulting to look at the impact COVID-19 has had on our client booking behaviour. They discovered the pertinent trends in booking patterns, comparing pre and post pandemic periods, and have provided recommendations that can help shape your travel programme, particularly as 70% of businesses have restarted booking travel in the last six-month period.

Feeling Burnt Out?
Feeling Burnt Out?

Oh, burnout. If you’ve experienced it, you know how crucial it is to avoid it. If you haven’t experienced it yet, you must be new ‘round here. We explore the causes of burnout for busy travel professionals and propose what you can do to get back on your feet.

Time for a break
Time for a break

With the recent news that the traffic light system is set to be scrapped in favour of a straightforward green and red list, plus the announcement from the US that they’ll be opening their borders to the UK from November, many are starting to plan their next holiday.



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