making the most of reward schemes

Airline loyalty schemes have been around a long time and are often very straightforward to get set up, offering you the opportunity to accrue air-miles-based points and a range of travel benefits. We can help get you set up with the right schemes on the airlines you use most frequently, so you can start earning individual and company-wide rewards.


Many business travellers are familiar with frequent flyer programmes offered by airlines, offering the traveller points every time they fly. But lots of airlines also offer Corporate Reward Schemes for companies that travel on business too. If your employees travel for business, it’s highly likely your company will also benefit from one of the schemes available.

Completely free to join, corporate reward schemes give your business reward points for the flights you book. These points are redeemable against future air tickets and/or upgrades. In some cases, these can be used for other travel products such as hotels, lounge access or car rental.


How do I claim points for my company?

By using us as your preferred travel management company, your Client Relationship Manager will be able to recommend which schemes your Company should enrol in. You’ll receive a membership number which Gray Dawes Travel will add to your company profile so that it’s automatically added to all bookings. This means you’ll collect points without having to do a thing.

How do I redeem points for my company?

You’ll receive a monthly online statement of activity, showing points earned and available balances. You can either redeem the points directly with a specific airline or Gray Dawes Travel can help you manage the redemption of reward points as part of our business travel services and account management programme. Full details are available in management information data.

What value can I expect to achieve?

How much you and your company will benefit from each scheme depends on your level and type of spend with the relevant airlines. The important thing to remember is that these schemes don’t cost anything to join and Gray Dawes Travel can administer them on your behalf if you wish. So, with no investment required, you really have nothing to lose by becoming a member.

Air France KLM BlueBiz


  • Free to enrol


  • Earn Blue Credit (1 Blue Credit = 1 Pound/Euro) to purchase tickets
  • Eligible airlines: Air France, KLM, Delta, Kenya Airways, China Southern Airlines and partner airlines
  • Retro Claim available for tickets issued within the last six months


  • Members can request one full name change on tickets issued by Air France or KLM in selected booking classes
  • Blue Credits can be used to buy flight-related services, such as a more comfortable seat or meals
  • Travellers are recognised as valued passengers by ground and cabin staff and receive priority services
  • Always on Board – When a long haul flight is fully booked, Air France and KLM will guarantee BlueBiz members a seat in Economy Cabin against Y-class fare
  • BlueBiz members travelling on a European flight with KLM (within Y, B, or M class) will be assigned an Economy Comfort Seat for free if available during check-in
  • Travellers from a BlueBiz company are contacted automatically if changes occur to flights operated by AIR FRANCE or KLM, so they are always informed of their latest flight status.

Lufthansa PartnerPlusBenefit


  • Free to enrol
  • 1,500 free BenefitPoints upon first registration and activation (equivalent to a Business Class Upgrade)


  • Every time a traveller travels with one of the airline partners, the company will earn BenefitPoints.
  • BenefitsPoints valid for 3 years
  • Eligible airlines: Lufthansa, Air Canada, ANA All Nippon Airways, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, LOT Polish Airlines, SWISS, TAP Portugal, United


  • Award Flights
  • Upgrades
  • Airport parking
  • Hotel eGift Cards
  • Limo transfers
  • Carbon Offsetting
  • Business, office and lifestyle accessories via online WorldShop
  • Cashback



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At the heart of everything we do are our people. We don’t just mean just our employees, but our clients and suppliers too.

At Gray Dawes Group we strive to create an environment which recognises and nurtures a healthy work/life balance – for our staff and clients alike.

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