Travel is a big part of modern day business. Executives and decision makers are travelling more frequently to reach new opportunities and maintain existing relationships. Thanks to technological innovation and numerous added services, corporate travel is more sleek and streamlined than before. Most well practised travellers develop travel habits that allow them to travel more efficiently regardless of the timing and travel destination. Here are a few reliable tips we feel are worth sharing with you. 


Plan for the worst-case scenario 

A fine-tuned travel itinerary and precise plans are great but sometimes things don’t quite work out.  A delayed flight, missed connection or severe weather conditions like we have experienced recently can disrupt your plans, regardless of how well your trip has been organised. Making sure you have a few spares of your absolute essentials and ensuring your devices are charged is always suggested. 

Dress Accordingly 

Certain trips are filed with meetings from the moment you land, while others are more relaxed and let you enjoy some cultural experiences in between schedules.  Each trip is different so regardless of your diary, always dress comfortably for the flight.  Sometimes you can’t avoid travelling in a suit but we advise against it because by the time you alight the aircraft your business attire may not be looking quite so sharp.  Most airports have shower rooms where you can now conveniently freshen up if you are heading straight to a meeting.  Dependant on airlines and class of travel, you may even be able to do this onboard the aircraft. 

Fly Non-stop 

Many people think direct and non-stop flights are the same – They are not! Non-stop flights are exactly what it says on the tin, it is a non-stop flight.  Direct flights make a stop on route but you will generally remain on the aircraft whilst passengers disembark and board before departing on the rest of the journey to reach your destination.  Non-stop flights can be more expensive as they are more convenient, however our team of experienced fare specialists can find ways to keep the costs low. With our extra layer of quality assurance, our fare experts will look for the best options even after your booking is confirmed. 

Check Business and Economy plus. 

Most companies have a business travel policy and the traveller will always keep this in mind when booking their trip. If you are travelling during the school holidays for example, your travel consultant will look into all classes that wouldn’t normally fit into your allowance.  Occasionally the prices drop  as it is more common for corporate travellers to take annual leave around these times. 

The Middle Seat 

The thought of getting a cramped seat with no legroom on a long-haul flight can fill travellers with dread, however If you are travelling with a colleague there is a way to try and allocate yourselves more space. This can be achieved by realising the middle seat is the least desirable, and selecting accordingly. 

Book the window and the aisle seat.  When a solo traveller is selecting their seat of choice, it is highly likely they will steer their decision away from the middle seat, and opt for an aisle or window seat in another row. This will potentially give you and your college the whole row to take advantage of, if this plan doesn’t quite go accordingly, you can always ask to swap (If you want to of course!) 

We hope these tips will help make your business travel more efficient. It’s good to learn from those more seasoned business travellers and use that knowledge when travelling.   We have a few more articles that you may also find interesting.