Mobile Rail Ticketing

Gray Dawes Group has launched the ability for client’s using the Evolvi rail booking system (either directly or via Travelhub) to purchase a mobile phone ticket.

This functionality enables Advance fare ticket types (restricted  to specific booked train times) to be purchased and presented to the train guard and station staff on a mobile device using the Evolvi app.

This short document outlines the three step process:

  1. Booking Process
  2. Evolvi app login
  3. Ticket activation


  • The traveller must download the app onto their device and have the device fully charged throughout their journey. Failure to do so may result in a new fare needing to be purchased.
  • Mobile tickets are not refundable or exchangeable

Booking Process

Rail bookings made online in Evolvi or with your Gray Dawes team can be completed in the usual manner.

When a mobile ticket is available this option is shown on the final ticketing selection screen.

You will then be asked to enter the email address of the traveller in order for the ticket to be made accessible to them.

The booking confirmation will then show the ‘m-code’ for the mobile ticket as per below. This is also contained on the booking confirmation email

The traveller will receive an email confirmation with the m-code and booking detail.

Evolvi App Login

Travellers need to download the Evolvi App from the i-phone or Google Play store in advance of travel.

  1. Registered User Login.

If the traveller currently uses Evolvi with Gray Dawes and has an authorised user ID, please login using this. The agency is “tmg”.

You will then be able to see any existing tickets purchased (including all ticketing types).


          2.Non-Registered User Login.

For travellers without an Evolvi user login, use the m-ticket details to login.

The m-ticket information can be taken from the booking confirmation. Such as the following example.

Ticket Activation

Once logged in the traveller (app user) will have to download the mobile ticket onto their device and then activate it on the day of travel.

For security, the ticket can be downloaded to only a single device and cannot be switched.


On the day of travel, the ticket must then be activated which will generate a unique bar code for presentation.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact