Travelling alone for business can mean lots of free time on your hands, especially in the evenings or during a weekend stay. For many business travellers, it’s not an option to bring families along therefore the strains of travelling can wear you down if done often. It is quite common to get lonely when you are away for even short periods of time. There are ways of comforting this feeling and some which may even lead you to discover new cultures, new people and new experiences.  Here are a few ideas to set you on your way.


Courtesy Visits 

Travelling is a brilliant opportunity to pay courtesy visits to customers who live in the area, or to pay a visit to a supplier that you do business with. Depending on the type of service or product your business provides, customers can be appreciative to get a personal “house call.” Arrange these types of visits well in advance so you can plan out your time. 

Speaking of calls, trying to catch up with relatives and friends can feel impossible and before we know it weeks and even months have passed since we last spoke to our nearest and dearest.  You may not be able to do this in person but we all know how to use a telephone or if you’re chosen recipient has access to video call then this is as close as you can get! Find a local café with free Wi-Fi and show them your surroundings, you will instantly feel lifted for making the time to contact them. 


Sense of Adventure 

Don’t put your life on hold simply because you’re not in your familiar surroundings. If you find yourself in an area for a while, take the opportunity to take in the culture and local activities. Often business hotels are filled with people just like you sitting around in the evenings with very little to do.  Strike up a conversation and see where it takes you.  

Whatever your interests are, there is bound to be something on in the area. Do a quick google search of what’s on in the local area.  If you are visiting a city it is likely there will be a show at the local theatre and travelling alone may result in a discounted ticket too. 

If theatre isn’t for you then ask the concierge desk in your hotel, they will hold the best knowledge of the local area and be able to help with suggestions such as city tours, best places to visit and will be able to book anything for you should you need it. 


TV Dinners 

Dining alone and ordering room service is tempting if you’re travelling solo, but this is your opportunity to be brave and take the plunge!  Most hotel restaurants encourage lone travellers to eat at the bar (if you comfortable doing this of course) which can take away the stigma of dining alone.  If you would feel more comfortable with distraction you can pop yourself in front of a TV screen or take your tablet or newspaper with you if you need a comfort blanket. This will be a more pleasurable experience than sleeping in a room that is hanging on to the lingering smell of last nights dinner. 


Solo business travel doesn’t necessarily mean you should be lonely, enjoying your own company and having a break from the daily grind is something worth acknowledging, however being alone in a new city can be a fantastic opportunity to break the mould and do something different with your time. 



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