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Introducing our new YourTrip User Interface

For the past 12 months, we’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes with Atriis to bring the YourTrip platform into a league of its own. During April 2023, we’ll launch our innovative new user experience concept through a brand new YourTrip – powered by Atriis – User Interface (UI) – sleeker, cleaner, smarter.

Your travellers will be the first to access our beta version, which we’ll continuously enrich with new functions and features to provide you with the best possible experience.

Relentlessly pursuing our user-centric strategy, YourTrip’s new UI comes as a significant milestone that complements the  integration of the AI-powered traveller enhancement technology – reTravel.io

YourTrip new UI
YourTrip logo

Beta Launch

Be the first try experience the new YourTrip UI

We understand that any change can take time to adjust to, and we want to ensure that your travellers have enough time to explore and get familiar with our new UI. Therefore, we will provide travellers early access to the beta version alongside short videos and walkthroughs to help them navigate our new UI.

The beta version will include all significant functionalities you have grown accustomed to and functionalities only accessible on our new UI. On top of that, new functionalities will be continually added to our new UI every two weeks.

We encourage your travellers to explore the new UI and share their valuable feedback with us. To access the beta version, they will be able to click the ‘Try new Atriis’ button on the current UI, as shown opposite.

The switch will not affect the system’s core functionality (travel policies, approval flows, travel preferences, etc.). Any existing and new trips will be visible on both the new UI and the current UI.

Travellers will be able to switch back to the current UI by clicking on ‘Switch to old interface’.

Please note that some content will not be available on the beta site immediately and will be rolled out gradually. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Travel Team or your Account Manager

A New Hotel Booking Experience

Enhanced features and functionality

The new YourTrip UI features  updated hotel functionality with more unique functionalities that will be introduced.

Firstly, we have overhauled our filter section which is now more accessible and easier to navigate.We have also reworked the hotel gallery, allowing for a better viewing experience. On top of that, we have improved the filters in the hotel rate results and included a new ‘In policy’ filter which allows users to hide all Out-of-policy rates.

Next up is our completely reworked Map View. We have upgraded to the new Google Maps API which features new and upgraded Points of Interest functionalities. It also allows users to search for the results in a specific area on the map without entering new search parameters and restarting the trip.

Get started

To start reaping the benefits of the new YourTrip UI simply select the beta UI option the next time you log in. Or speak to your Account Manager for further assistance.