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In 2021 we launched LEGACY – our unique carbon offset programme for business travel clients.

In 2022, we’re evolving LEGACY from a product to a behaviour, with three core pledges, by all Gray Dawes staff, to strive to achieve a better tomorrow.

Originally developed in association with Forest Carbon, Legacy products allow our customers to achieve sustainable travel by supporting domestic and international reforestation and peat restoration projects.

Now, inspired by the Environmental Sustainability Goals published at COP26 and in support of the Business Travel Association’s own ESG initiative, we’re excited to enter the next stage of creating our legacy.



Carbon Offset Commutes

Gray Dawes will pay to offset the carbon emissions generated by EVERY member of staff’s commute to work for the whole year.

Food Bank Funding

Every member of Gray Dawes staff will donate £2 per month from their salary to support food banks in each of our office locations.

Paper Free

We have already come a long way to achieve this, but by December 2022 every Gray Dawes office will become an entirely paper-free environment.


Offsetting each and every journey


Getting to work shouldn’t cost the earth. Literally. That’s why Gray Dawes pledges to cover the carbon offsetting cost for all our colleagues’ unique commutes into each of our four offices across the UK.

Every member of staff enters their journey to work and vehicle details – milage, engine size, etc. – into an accredited carbon calculator to discover their own carbon footprint. Gray Dawes then covers that cost, paying to offset the carbon generated by their commute.


Supporting local charities


Each month, every member of Gray Dawes staff donate £2 from their salary. This money is collected by our Legacy Champions in each of our offices – London, Manchester, Colchester and Leamington Spa – who then place an online shopping order with a local supermarket and arrange to have the groceries delivered directly to the relevant food bank in their area.

Rather than just handing over a cheque each month, by doing the shopping ourselves, we’re able to ensure the food banks are getting exactly what they need, while allowing us to keep in touch on a personal level with each local charity.


Behaviour change for the better


When we reopened our offices after lockdown, we implemented a series of new protocols designed to improve our working environment and enhance staff wellbeing. One of these initiatives was to become paper-free. It’s actually harder than you think, especially in a travel company. But we’ve already made a great start. By December 2022, we aim to ensure every Gray Dawes office is a fully paper-free workplace.

Note books and post-its are quickly becoming a thing of the past, banned on sight within our offices! Every member of staff has received training on how to use OneNote, part of our Office 365 Teams environment, and are discovering the benefits this brings to our business and the planet.


Sustainable Travel Programme

Responsible travel isn’t just about calculating your carbon footprint per trip and planting a tree to make you feel better about yourself. It’s ensuring the future of our planet for business travellers to come. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Forest Carbon and our own parent company, Inchcape Family Estate in Scotland, to devise a meaningful and practical solution to sustainable travel. With woodland and peatland developments throughout the UK, you can see and touch the difference this programme makes.

Now is the time to build a lasting and tangible carbon-offset programme for your business travel impact. Now is the time to build a Legacy.




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