Hello. We’re delighted GSMA has chosen Gray Dawes to be your new travel partner.

No doubt you’re wondering how travel now works in GSMA? How do you contact your new dedicated team of Travel Consultants? Where do you find the online booking tool? Don’t worry. To help get you up and running in no time, we’ve created this web page. It’s packed full of useful information, videos, tutorials, links, downloads and more… all designed to allay any uncertainties and teach you all you need to know about your Gray Dawes Travel solution.

So, grab yourself a coffee and take a good look around. This is what better business travel looks like!


small dedicated team

24/7 - 365

around the clock service


calls answered within 3-5 rings


in-house 24 hour emergency assistance


minimum of 3 fare options in 2 hours


automated policy compliance


Travelling With You

Before, during and after every trip, we’re with with GSMA all the way

During the selection process and our experience of working with GSMA to support attendees and exhibitors with travel advice during the pandemic for MWC21 and MWC22, we’ve taken the time to really understand your needs. From our pool of incredible travel consultants, we’ve used that knowledge to build a dedicated team around you, selecting those with experience in your industry and a personality fit with GSMA’s culture. This way, you can be confident that the service you’ll be getting isn’t just tailored to exceed your expectations, it’s guaranteed to make you smile. Think of us as an extension of your own organisation. 

Gavin Sanderson, Gray Dawes Travel’s Director of Client Development, is your dedicated Account Manager. Gavin will uncover what value means to GSMA and create an Extra Mile Programme specifically to underpin how we’ll enhance your travel programme and your business against targeted KPIs.

Of course, we can talk to you about products and services. But that’s what every TMC can (and will) give you. What you’ll also get from Gray Dawes is status and affiliation with the best TMC in the business. You’ll enjoy being part of a wider community and benefit from the partnership we build.

Gavin Sanderson

Gavin Sanderson | Director Client Development
Your Account Manager


Quick Contact Details

Your Global Team

Julie Hamstead-Wallis

Julie Hamstead-Wallis

Operations Manager

meet Julie
  • Years Spent in Travel: 20
  • Favourite Travel Destination: Las Vegas – because it’s so awesome! Casinos, food, people, parties, shopping, and the heat!
  • Fun Fact About Me: I am Canadian
  • Guilty Pleasure: I collect coins and I am a metal detectorist.
Lisa Titmas

Lisa Titmas

Reservations Supervisor

meet Lisa
  • Years Spent in Travel: 30 (God, I’m getting old!)
  • Favourite Travel Destination: Thailand – Great memories from my honeymoon and it offers everything , Luxury at great prices , amazing food , beautiful beaches , fabulous places to discover.
  • Fun Fact About Me: I love fast supercars and would love to do a circuit day of racing. ( I challenge the boy racers in the office …lol).
  • Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate and a Good Spiced Rum & Coke ! 😊
Katie Glassford

Katie Glassford

Travel Consultant

meet Katie
  • Years Spent in Travel:28 years… although I still believe I’m 18.
  • Favourite Travel Destination: West Virginia, the beautiful views and relaxed way of life… Almost Heaven!
  • Fun Fact About Me: I’m a lifelong Ipswich Town fan and the best day of my life was watching Ipswich win the 2000 Play off final at Wembley (although I tell my husband my best day was of course our wedding day!)
  • Guilty Pleasure: My eclectic choice of music, I would love to see Barbra Streisand live, and would also love to share a cheeky frozen margarita with Jimmy Buffett!
Natalie Syrett

Natalie Syrett

Travel Consultant

meet Natalie
  • Years Spent in Travel: 21
  • Favourite Travel Destination: Costa Rica, the most beautiful place and where I got married.
  • Fun Fact About Me: I am scared of heights.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Purposely leaving no toilet roll for my husband – never gets old 😊
Richard Keast

Richard Keast

Travel Consultant

meet Richard
  • Years Spent in Travel: Put it this way…a lot of my colleagues weren’t born when I started out in travel!
  • Favourite Travel Destination: Scotland…and it has nothing to do whatsoever with our CEO being Scottish!
  • Fun Fact About Me: I can order ‘2 beers please’ in 35 different languages.
  • Guilty Pleasure: I’m addicted to Homes Under The Hammer and Bargain Hunt.
Rachel Brunsden

Rachel Brunsden

Travel Consultant

meet Rachel
  • Years Spent in Travel: 30+… definitely getting old!
  • Favourite Travel Destination: Anywhere exotic – love meeting new people and enjoying new cultures and food.
  • Fun Fact About Me: I love my tropical garden and would love to be able to plant all those wonderful plants that we have as houseplants outside all year.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate
Aggie Teszka

Aggie Teszka

Travel Consultant

meet Aggie
  • Years Spent in Travel: 14
  • Favourite Travel Destination: I have many favourites…. Greek islands and Bali are on top of my list– nothing beats their hospitality, great food and magical vibe!
  • Fun Fact About Me: I actually like winter, snowy scenery and winter sports – skiing is my element.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Fancy dining and….pistachio gelato per favore!
John Russell

John Russell

Travel Consultant

meet John
  • Years Spent in Travel: 25 years – has been a fun filled roller coaster with many wonderful memories.
  • Favourite Travel Destination: Hawaiian Islands top the chart for so many reasons – only downside is they are too far away!
  • Fun Fact About Me: My hairdresser thinks I am perfect in every way!
  • Guilty Pleasure: None – no guilt about living the dream!
Kayleigh Baldwin-Jones

Kayleigh Baldwin-Jones

Reservations Supervisor

Lara Sharples

Lara Sharples

Travel Consultant

James Scott

James Scott

Travel Consultant

Adelina Petrova

Adelina Petrova

Travel Consultant

Sheelagh Yeoman

Sheelagh Yeoman

Travel Consultant



Unquestionable and award-winning quality

After more than fifty years as a leader of international travel management, we’ve built an enviable reputation of which we are fiercely proud. Put simply, we deliver a better business travel experience, 24/7.


Our proprietary travel technology is totally flexible and completely tailored to your organisation. We’ve partnered with the market-leaders, Atriis, to create YourTrip – a powerfully versatile yet rewardingly simple booking engine.

Because that’s how it should be.

Whether offline or online, agent managed or client self-service, YourTrip delivers a seamless and content-rich business travel booking experience.




Want to find out more about us? Please take some time to browse through our entire website, not just this landing page. Or you can view or download our brochure .

At Gray Dawes Travel we recognise that we’re not just there to secure the best travel fares, the most innovative itineraries, the slickest online tools or the most experienced consultants. We’re there as an extension of our clients’ own organisations; their out-of-house travel management department.

We achieve this because of the depths we go to in understanding our clients; their culture, their values and their objectives. Only then can we deliver on a higher level, with our trademark emphasis on the personal touch. Only then can we delight with remarkable value, innovation and service.

That’s what we call ‘better’ travel.


HOW TO videos

Step by step guides to your new travel tools

We appreciate that learning a new online booking tool can be a little daunting. Don’t worry, our YourTrip tool is super intuitive and really user friendly, so you’ll be booking your next trip in no time.

Below you’ll find a range of short tutorial videos which will help get you started using YourTrip for booking everything from flights, hotels and rail to ground transportation and car hire.

And did you know that YourTrip is the same system software that your Gray Dawes Travel Team uses, so whether offline or online, agent managed or self-service, YourTrip delivers a seamless and content-rich business travel booking experience.



Here you’ll find a handy range of tutorials for our online booking tool, YourTrip, covering everything from:

  • How to book a flight
  • How to book rail
  • How to book a hotel

… and much more!


Watch our diverse range of Get Set training videos to help bring you up to speed with the latest ‘how to’ practices for navigating business travel in a post-Brexit, pandemic world. And for lot’s more information, guidance and resources, be sure to visit our indispensable Traveller Toolkit.


Check out some of our latest fantastic products with these introductory videos.


Let’s get you started booking business travel.

You’ll be ready to make your first trip in no time!

Bookmark this page and use it as a useful recourse should you need a reminder of your Travel Team’s contact details or a quick refresher tutorial on how to use YourTrip.

Leigh Howell, GSMA’s ownGroup Travel Manager, will also be running regular Travel Drop-Ins to help answer any questions you may have, so watch out for internal communications about those.

If you’re ready to get started booking your first trip, then log in to YourTrip via your OKTA single sign-on App.

And safe travels!

Better Process

We are a totally digital travel management company with a very personal approach to service deliver. The tool used by your dedicated team of travel consultants is exactly the same one you’ll use online for simple trips. So whether arranging travel with us, from your smartphone on the go or on your laptop in the office, it’s all in sync, cutting down on paperwork and improving processes.

Time is Money

While you can find a flight or hotel room at a good price using a metasearch engine or online travel agency, you may not be finding the best options or rates and it can take you a lot more time – time better spent running your business! Plus, the dangers of DIY business travel come with no guarantee that a booking is within your travel policy, creating the real possibility of a refund or change.

Policy Perfection

Your travel policy should be an ever evolving thing, ensuring it remains relevant to what’s happening in the world and within your own company. We’re here to guide, steer and manage all of that for you. As your own out-of-house travel department, we’ll manage your travel programme to drive enhancements across value, safety, sustainability and service.


Get Going Quicker with Avis QuickPass
Get Going Quicker with Avis QuickPass

We spoke to car hire giants AVIS. They told us all about their virtually touchless Quick Pass booking system and their all-in-one Avis App. It might very well revolutionise the car rental industry.

Whether it’s finding the perfect meeting space for your next sales team get-together, creating the wow factor for your company conference or everything in between, you’re in the right place. 

Gray Dawes Events are part of the Gray Dawes Group – one of the UK’s largest independent travel management companies. With specialist, award-winning divisions providing tailored services for business travel, luxury leisure travel and meetings & events (that’s us!), we enjoy all the benefits that brings, both in terms of buying power and industry clout.

Meet The Events Maestros

Our team of event management experts are bursting with ideas to ensure that your next corporate event is one that will never be forgotten (for all the right reasons). We only employ full-time staff, no freelancers, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the highest levels of attention and continuity.

All the members of the Gray Dawes Events team have many years experience in the tailored management of corporate events, from overseas conferences involving the movement of thousands of delegates to more intimate, no expense spared rewards for absolute top performers.

Lesley Tyler

Lesley Tyler

Head of Events - Operations

Katie Whitby

Katie Whitby

Head of Events - Sales

Danielle Grubb

Danielle Grubb

Team Leader - Meetings Management


We don’t just specialise in business travel you know.


We’re a part of the Gray Dawes Group, an organisation with specialisms and expertise in many sectors. If you need help planning the holiday of your dreams, or showcasing an event that’ll never be forgotten, then we’ve got you covered.

Gray Dawes Holidays


Gray Dawes Holidays provides a unique and attentive service that is unmatched. Complemented by our distinctive style, achieving perfection is driven by our desire to deliver only the best from the moment you first contact us to make your travel arrangements right through to returning from your destination.

Our travel advisors are experts at ensuring we capture your needs exactly to deliver the holiday travel experience of your dreams.