Your Guide to Managing Traveller Risk

In today’s current global climate, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to be aware of and plan for any potential risks to their business travellers’ safety. At Gray Dawes we can help mitigate risk by using our vast experience and knowledge of corporate travel management. More than ever, we are committed to enhancing traveller safety. That’s why we have developed a range of products and services which use innovate risk management best practices and duty of care technologies to keep your travellers safe in an uncertain world.

We sat down with our Account Management and Consultancy teams to discuss the latest Gray Dawes Travel solutions…

Pre-Trip Approval

Our Pre-Trip Approval process provides you with complete visibility and control over your travelling workforce, helping to maximise safety and minimise costs.

Working both on our online tool, YourTrip, and offline through clients’ dedicated teams of experience travel consultants, you can use highly customisable workflows and smart logic to determine who can travel, where they can travel to and when they can travel on business.

Regulations can be automatically added to restrict travel by a range of factors. These factors may be based on country specific risk rating, health warnings or visa requirements, to name a few. This ensures all essential and non-essential travel is monitored and assessed prior to the trip taking place.

Trip bookings are automatically withheld from ticketing until each step of the approval process has been completed. Both travel managers and bookers can review and, where necessary, reject any trips that may pose a risk to traveller safety or an organisation’s duty of care obligations. This step takes place before payment is processed in order to reduce risk and cost wastage within your travel programme.

Policy Restrictions

Effective travel policies must consider guidelines around prohibiting or limiting travel to countries or locations which are considered high risk. They should also be effective in blocking the use of non-preferred suppliers. Gray Dawes makes sure that these policy conditions are built into your travel programme and reflected across online booking tools, such as YourTrip, as well as offline via your dedicated travel team. Knowledge is power; our consultants get to know you, your travellers and your travel programme to offer proactive solutions that meet your individual safety needs.

Risk Management Tools

We provide effective risk management solutions that help you identify travel risk and effectively track and communicate with your travellers in the event of an emergency.

Gray Dawes can track your travellers via their itinerary, anywhere in the world. Updated in real-time and fully exportable, we’re able to share with you each of your travellers’ data at the click of a button, all delivered in an easy to understand format.

Paired with our innovative Travel Alerts solution, we make sure that everyone – managers, bookers and travellers – are kept up-to-date with any developing travel risks, as and when they happen. We match travellers’ locations and movements with the latest global socio-political and health updates to ensure those that are affected are notified instantly. We’re then able to assist them with making and necessary changes their travel arrangements.

Keeping your people safe while travelling is our top priority. To do this, businesses must work with us to understand and appropriately manage risk. Developing a strategic travel policy in partnership with your travel management company is the best way to ensure your business travel objectives are achieved, your policy is adhered to and any potential risk is minimised.

At Gray Dawes, our dedicated Account Managers and Consultancy, team design bespoke travel programs to meet any business travel needs. Please get in touch to find out more.