If you’re anything like us, you’ll love nothing more than finding an App which makes your life easier. Whether it’s to help you keep track of your fitness goals, manage your workload, or simply provide you with entertainment on long journeys – there really is an app to help you with anything! So we’ve compiled a list of the best apps for business travellers. Clear some space on your phone, because you’re going to want to make room for these!


Who is it for? The Savvy Saver

If you haven’t heard of either of these revolutionary banking apps yet, then we’d be very surprised! They’ve made a huge splash in the travel community and for good reason. If you’re travelling regularly and are either having to constantly change up currency back and forth, or are fed up of charges on your credit or debit card, then enter Revolut and Monzo. These banking apps allow you to open up a bank account with a physical debit card, which you can use worldwide to make payments with no additional costs. Your card will pay for purchases at the best rate of exchange at the moment of purchase – so you’ll not only always get the best possible currency exchange, but you’ll pay no fees and not have to bother changing up money! Find out which app is for you: Revolut or Monzo.


Who is it for? The ‘I’d Prefer To Drive There’

Believe us when we say, you haven’t used the most effective maps app until you’ve tried Waze. If you’re looking for the most current, up-to-date routes with live traffic alerts and navigation then Waze is for you. Users of the app are encouraged to regularly share updates on traffic, accidents and anything else interfering with their journey, in order to improve the experience of other drivers. If you need to drive anywhere for business, we highly recommend downloading Waze.


Who is it for? The Culture Vulture

If you’re the sort of traveller who likes to try and make an effort to immerse yourself in culture and learn a little of the language, then it goes without saying that Google Translate is an essential. Or maybe you’re a bit of an explorer and like to go off the beaten track for a solo adventure – then it can seriously come in handy! Not only can you type in words to translate them, and hear them spoken so you can learn the correct pronunciation too, but you can actually take photos of signs or any text you need to understand to get instant translations – handy when trying to navigate on your own.


Who is it for? The Social Media Addict

Constantly refreshing your emails and social media? Then you’re probably the type of traveller always on the lookout for the next wi-fi hotspot, either that or you return home from your business trip to sky high mobile phone bills. With WiFi Map you can download and access maps for WiFi hotspots all over the world, to show you exactly where you can visit to get optimum internet speeds. Find out more here.


Who is it for? The Over Organiser

Are you an obsessive list-maker? Then you’ll love Evernote! Developed 5 years ago, it’s very quickly gained a devoted fan-base. With the ability to take notes, share them with co-workers, attach pictures, voice notes and audio to your notes, as well as files such as spreadsheets, it’s no surprise that it’s quickly become so popular. You can also set yourself reminders for tasks and goals, and create check-boxes which serve as a virtual to do list – who doesn’t love the feeling of ticking off all of your to-do list?


Who is it for? All Business Travellers

We apologise for the self-promotion, but our YourTrip app is so great we couldn’t help but sneak it into the list. If you’re a business traveller, whether you travel internationally or just across the UK, YourTrip will revolutionise planning your business trip. Have control over every step of your journey, from the moment you leave your home or office, to the moment you return – book your transfers, plane, train, accommodation and even ancillaries such as airport lounges and extra luggage. Get in touch with us today to find out how you can use YourTrip.


We hope we’ve helped you discover your new favourite app, which will hopefully make your life a lot easier next time you’re on a business trip. Which apps do you swear by when travelling for business? Let us know in the comments, we’re always on the lookout for new apps to download.


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