Has your business expanded to the point whereby you have multiple members of staff frequently travelling to different global destinations for work? Do your business travellers research, plan and manage their own trips from start to finish? If the answer is yes, then it is probably time for your business to invest in the services of a travel management company to help alleviate the associated planning, costs and stresses of frequent business travel.

Whether you are a business owner, or a procurement manager working to improve the efficiency of an organisation, it is obviously within your interests to ensure that a TMC will tangibly benefit your business versus booking a trip yourself or through a member of your internal team.

You want to be sure that by partnering with a TMC, you are reducing your company’s overheads and the associated pressures on your business travellers such as complicated itineraries and multiple flight connections.


Yes…if your business is spending an excessive amount of money on travel per month, quarter or annum and your travelling members of staff are often negotiating with airlines and hotels themselves. If this is the case, your business would certainly benefit from investing in a corporate travel management partner.

Yes…if you don’t have a crisis management procedure in place. If a flight is missed, or an employee finds themselves in a difficult situation overseas. Ask yourself who within your business is able to answer the phone in the early hours of the morning to help solve a logistical or personal issue that may have arisen?

Most TMCs offer an around the clock service so you can be confident that your employees have help available wherever they may be – another benefit of partnering with a trusted TMC.

Yes…if you want to centralise all facets of business travel such as managing bookings, working with suppliers, improving compliance with your business travel policy and keep a tighter handle on employee expenses. By outsourcing all of the time-consuming work to a TMC, you can take a step back and focus on the fundamental tasks that keep your business moving forward.


We’ve previously outlined 10 reasons why a TMC can save you money and in short, yes, enlisting the help of a TMC can offer you a healthy ROI. A TMC will not only develop and further optimise new and existing travel management plans, but they can also negotiate with vendors to get the best price for your business travel by conducting rigorous benchmarking analysis against a broad range of prices and merchants.

It’s crucial to remember here that the savings a travel management company can make a business through their agents rates and any discounts through supplier relationships often make it cheaper than it would be for a business to book it themselves (and that’s including fees!).

And whilst the margin of ROI can vary from business to business, a reputable and experienced TMC can always ensure you’re getting the best value for money.

Here at Gray Dawes Travel, we understand that the organisation of business travel can be time-consuming. So don’t let business travel arrangements become overwhelming. With overseas engagements to attend to, the time and energy of your business travellers will need to be focused on that all-important preparation work that helps win new business and develop existing relationships.

So if you feel your business is ready to invest in a TMC, or you simply want to find out more on how Gray Dawes Travel could help you with end-to-end travel arrangements for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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At the heart of everything we do are our people. We don’t just mean just our employees, but our clients and suppliers too.

At Gray Dawes Group we strive to create an environment which recognises and nurtures a healthy work/life balance – for our staff and clients alike.

By providing our customers with better travel management, they’re able to achieve what they need to by working flexibly, whether in the office, at home or around the globe.

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