An Expert's Guide to Ancillaries

learn all about ancillaries from Account Manager Matthew Bond

So You’ve Booked Your Flight, Hotel, or Rail Ticket…

Your long-planned business trip awaits and the promise of an unforgettable experience sits bright on the horizon. You’re good to go. Or are you?

Arriving at your destination is just one step of the journey. Are you going to need a car to get around? Do you need to organise parking? Have transfers been booked from the airport?

All of these “added extras” that complement a trip are referred to as ancillaries. In this article, we talk to one of our Account Managers, Matthew Bond, who discusses the benefits of booking ancillaries as part of a complete, door-to-door trip and how Gray Dawes makes the whole process as simple as possible.


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Ancillaries refer to all of the extra elements of the trip that complement a flight or rail journey. They include:

  • Car hire
  • Car parking
  • Airport transfers
  • Airline seating
  • Additional luggage allowances

Travellers might feel the need to organise all of these elements separately. However, through Gray Dawes you can book everything as one package either via our YourTrip online booking tool or by talking to our dedicated team of travel experts.

Matthew Bond, Enterprise Account Manager at Gray Dawes Travel

“From a glance, you may think that booking travel is only about ensuring you have booked your flight, hotel or rail ticket.


“However, have you considered all the other great and useful ancillary travel items available when using the Gray Dawes Yourtrip Booking Tool or via our offline dedicated teams?

 “Of course, your trip may only consist of one or two of the essential travel options such as car parking or airport transfers, but to support your travel journey further and to save you additional searching and external effort you may want to consider booking some of the additional ancillary items available to you at the time of booking.”

“Through our unique and comprehensive booking tool YourTrip, you can book a complete trip from “door to door” making your travel experience fully encompassing and negating the need to book separate items independently. Equally in doing so, you can benefit from Gray Dawes managing the payment of these ancillary items for you and including them within your agreed invoicing process.”



Book car hire in over 180 countries. With YourTrip you can enter the location that you require car hire with the drop-off and pick-up times and dates and the platform will give you a list of available car hire options to choose from.


Enter your destination and YourTrip will do all of the searching for you; you just need to select which option suits you best. Use the embedded Google maps plugin to find the exact location of your required transfer.


If you need to leave your car for a prolonged period then let YourTrip find you the best option for parking. Simply enter the location that you’re flying from and let YourTrip find the spot that works best for you.

“At Gray Dawes we offer the full range of ancillaries at the time of booking, giving you the best price and most ideal options.

“To benefit your travel booking journey with Gray Dawes you can book Car Hire, Ferries, Eurotunnel, Airport Parking, Taxis and Transfers with chauffeur-driven vehicles in countless destinations worldwide. Additionally, through our dedicated travel teams, there is the ability to book airline seating and additional luggage not included in ticket fares at the time of booking.

“The most frequent ancillary product booked by Gray Dawes clients is car hire, shortly followed by taxis, transfers and airport parking. Our customers love the fact that they can manage all of this through our booking tool and our dedicated team of travel experts.”

Explore YourTrip

YourTrip is our powerful online travel booking tool and app. It provides a wide range of features to enhance your business travel experience at every stage. To find out much more about how YourTrip can support your business travel programme, visit our YourTrip webpage.

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