Any good athlete knows that to stay ahead of the game, preparation is everything. So, when it comes to travelling for a tournament, not a single detail can be ignored. This is where the important role of a TMC comes into play.

At Gray Dawes, we’ve been providing travel for pro sports clubs and associations, as well as individual sportspeople, since 1986 – we have a thorough understanding of the attention to detail which needs to be considered when booking pro sports travel.

Travelling for sport can mean that you’re subject to special considerations or restrictions, some seemingly obvious and others a little ambiguous to the untrained or inexperienced traveller. Booking with a TMC is a great way to ensure every little detail is considered for your trip. Let’s take a look at some of the considerations we make.

Unusual Baggage

As any frequent flyers are all too aware, baggage restrictions when flying have become increasingly restrictive – so, imagine trying to hop on a plane with a selection of your favourite golf clubs or sports equipment, it’s not quite so straightforward! Not only can items exceed weight restrictions, or be classed as dangerous objects, there can also be a limit as to how much can be loaded onto one aircraft.

To travel with any sports equipment that might match this description, you’ll need to be organised and correctly document and secure this equipment before travelling. It’s also important to assure you have approval for any excess weight you’re carrying from the airline.

A Tall Order

Basketball players are famed for their height, but it can be an advantageous trait in many other areas of sports too. Unfortunately, conditions when travelling are cramped at the best of times, with seats being designed to suit the ‘average’ height. Requesting extra leg room or selecting another class of travel can alleviate any discomfort when flying, our experienced travel bookers can make personal recommendations to suit your needs.

Special requirements may even be needed in hotel rooms or accommodation too, such as longer beds or even taller shower heads. Attention to detail is key when considering comfort for travelling sports teams.

Nutritious Meals

Most professional sports players are on very strict meal plans to ensure they’re receiving the correct amount of nutrients needed to perform at their very best. As we all know, travelling – especially for longer periods of time – can be disruptive to anyone’s diet.

By working with a travel management company, research and preparation can be done beforehand to ensure that your accommodation and on-flight meals are up to scratch.

A Good Night’s Rest

This might seem a given to some when booking hotel accommodation, but there are extra steps that a travel manager would consider taking to help ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible – which is extremely important for any athlete hoping to give their best performance!

Booking a room which isn’t on the ground floor, which isn’t too close to any lifts, stairs or communal areas and away from any roads are all considerations a travel manager would consider when booking accommodation.

As you can see, working with a TMC can be incredibly beneficial for any individual athlete or sports team needing to travel for tournaments. Find out more information about our Sports Travel Management here.