If you’ve worked with a travel management company for some time now, or if you’re in the process of trying to find the right one for your business, then you’ve probably stumbled across the term ‘traveller tracking’. But what exactly is traveller tracking, and why is it so important?

Any employer has a legal ‘duty of care’ over their employees. This same duty of care extends to your employees even when they are travelling for business, which could be anywhere in the world! Therefore, sending employees abroad for business can be a concern, especially for small businesses or if an employee is required to visit an unsafe location. This is exactly where traveller tracking comes in.

Traveller tracking is technology offered by larger TMCs, including Gray Dawes Group, which allows you to pinpoint exactly where in the world a traveller is at any given time. As a TMC it is our job to reassure our clients and let them know they can depend on us to look after their employees, no matter where they may be.

There are three main areas where our traveller tracking technology proves vital for the safety of our clients, these are; terrorist incidents, natural disasters and major strikes. In the event of one of these emergencies, our technology allows us to pinpoint the exact location of a traveller and, provided they are safe, get in contact with them to quickly and efficiently keep them safe and get them home.

Here’s an example of when we’ve used our traveller tracking to get a traveller to safety.

‘During August & September of 2017, Hurricane Harvey blazed through Texas. The storm that followed swept up the East Coast of America, causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage and major disruption to air travel.

One of our travellers was away on business in New York at the time and was concerned that he would be stuck in America until the storm passed.

Our 24/7 support team were able to locate our traveller and set out some options for him. We knew that moving him to another US city was inadvisable, due to the unpredictable nature of storm patterns. But using our network of industry contacts, we were able to reserve our traveller one of the few remaining seats on a plane home, at no extra cost and with absolutely no impact on his schedule.’

If you have any question about our traveller tracking and wonder if it could be beneficial to your business travel, get in touch with our team here.