As an increasing number of stories hit the headlines regarding women’s safety whilst travelling abroad, it’s time for TMCs to step up their game and start working to keep their female travellers safe.

A hot topic for conversation within the corporate travel industry at the moment is the safety of businesswomen travellers. Over the past few years, female travellers have expressed concern and shared stories of how their vulnerability whilst travelling has landed them in some sticky situations.

Travel management companies, alongside a traveller’s employer, have a shared responsibility to ensure the safety of their travellers. For employers, especially, there is a moral and legal duty of care they hold to their employees to ensure that no matter where they may need to work from, that they are able to do so safely.

According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the amount of businesswomen with a need for travel has grown rapidly in the past 5 years, with 53% of travel programs boasting a higher percentage of women travellers within that time. So, what exactly are TMCs doing to look after their female travellers?

To help TMCs understand how exactly they can help their female travellers, it’s a good starting point to identify what concerns them, and what makes them feel the most vulnerable while travelling. The top 3 concerns for women travellers are as follows; having to travel to particular countries/cities, sexual harassment, and assault or kidnapping.

It seems travel managers are already well aware of the dangers faced by female travellers with 69% of those surveyed by the GBTA agreeing that their female travellers face a greater risk.

When it comes to travel safety, one of the biggest factors TMCs can take into their own hands is the level of safety offered by the accommodation they book. 54% of travel managers state that the type of accommodation offered was a concern for their female travellers, it’s clear that there is still some improvement to be made.

At Gray Dawes Group we are proud to be working with Maiden Voyage, who specialises in ensuring the safety of businesswomen travellers – whether abroad, or in their own countries. All of our travel experts have undergone Maiden Voyage’s Female Business Traveller Safety Awareness programme and are proud to be informed to offer female travellers personalised suggestions to enhance their safety when travelling. As a TMC with a female CEO, our focus on making travel safer for women is paramount to everything we do.

Part of the service Maiden Voyage offers to its TMC associates, is full access to their database of certified Female-Friendly hotels. These hotels have been personally vetted by a member of the Maiden Voyage team in person, as well as meeting a list of specifications and minimum safety requirements – such as a double lock room door, a well-lit entrance and a 24/7 manned reception desk. This ensures that at Gray Dawes we can help you stay in accommodation which not only is of a high standard, but also puts your safety and wellbeing first.

If you’re an existing Gray Dawes client and would like advice on how to make your next trip a safer experience, then speak with your existing travel manager. You can also read a more extensive guide, in association with Maiden Voyage, on our blog here.