With younger business travellers contributing to the rise in ‘bleisure’, it’s no surprise that they’re the generation which loves to travel. However, did you know that travelling for business has become their number one work perk?

If you’re an employer for a small business, work in HR, or are CEO of a larger corporation, you might want to pay attention to what we’re about to share with you! Not only do 75% of young professionals consider travelling for business the ultimate work perk, but 39% say that business travel is a career deal breaker – they would turn down a job which didn’t allow them the option of travelling for business. So, if you’re looking to appeal to a younger age of employees when you’re next hiring, you might want to consider highlighting the opportunity to travel for business within the job description.

What exactly is it about business travel that young professionals love so much? It appears that not only do they love the opportunity to explore more – hence the surge in ‘bleisure’ trips, where they are making the most of the opportunity to visit a new country or city by extending their business trip for some leisure time – but 65% consider it a status symbol. Travelling has become a new metric for success it seems, particularly travelling for business, and in a time where young people live their lives vicariously through social media, being able to portray a high-flying lifestyle on their social media has become increasingly attractive.

The research, carried out by Hilton Hotels & Resorts, reveals that more than half of younger business travellers will go out of their way to create reasons to travel for business within their role. This is incredibly interesting, as one of the most frequently asked questions regarding the future of business travel is whether, one day, there will be a need for it at all with the growing use of video conferencing and technology. With 81% of younger business travellers stating they are more productive when meeting in person with colleagues, it’s clear to see that there is still a place for travel in the future of business. If you’d like to read more on the importance of business travel, you can find more information here.

As an employer, would you consider offering the option for business travel to bring in a new wave of talent to your business? Or as a young business person, would you actually turn down a job which didn’t offer you the opportunity to travel? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!