The New Year marks a new start for a lot of people, who are striving to make 2019 their best yet. Of course, this includes reconsidering their career. So, if you’re an employer, it might be of interest to hear that in order to keep your staff happy, you might want to offer them the opportunity for business travel.

Business travel. Often thought of as simply a means to an end, or to some it’s even a bit of an inconvenience to an already busy working week. However, according to recent surveys, it seems that the opportunity for business travel is actually becoming a deal breaker when it comes to choosing a new job, and not in the way you might expect! Yes, that’s right – 63% of Brits are more likely to accept a job offer which included the opportunity for business travel.

As we’ve recently discussed on our blog, despite the incredible incline in technological advances, there is still a growing need for business travel, and it seems that employees themselves are demanding it – particularly the new generation. 68% of Brits state that they would like more international travel to be possible as part of their current role, and 53% believe business travel would actually make their job more exciting. They also see business travel as a more affordable way to see the world – something which is a priority for Millennials and the incoming Generation Z.

So HR and Hiring Managers alike might want to think about tweaking job descriptions for roles which include travel, to highlight this as an opportunity and potentially make a job role more appealing for the next generation. Read the full statistics on why business travel is important to employees below, in our infographic.

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