In our last blog post, we explained exactly what NDC is, how it works and who can use it. But how exactly does it benefit those involved – the airlines, travel agents, corporate buyers and travellers? In this post, we’re going to focus on how it benefits the travel buyer, and consider the future impact it will have on your travel booking.

Most importantly, NDC allows the travel buyer to view and compare all available air transport options and the relevant fares. This means not only are there so many more fares to search from, but it’s also easier to find an option which best suits your needs. You can even search by product quality, service level and price point, which in turn reduces your search time. There’s also the ability to compare fares side by side, so you can be sure to find whatever best matches your travel plans.

NDC also encourages travellers to allow airlines to store their details so they are able to receive personalised offers and information based on travel history and preferences. Again, this means that search time is significantly reduced, so if you take regular trips to a specific location, then you can easily re-book the same flight with the same preferences each time. This is a huge benefit as regular travellers are always keen to find ways to simplify the booking process in any way possible, and NDC makes this a reality.

Finally, NDC allows you to really visualise travel plans with access to much richer content such as pictures and videos. So, say for example that you wanted extra leg room or an upgraded seat, you can see exactly what this will look like to understand what you’re getting for your fare. This encourages much better communication between travel agents and travel buyers, by allowing them to show exactly how products differ.

These are just a few of the benefits NDC can provide the travel buyer, but it is a capability which is continuously evolving and will no doubt undergo many changes in the future, so watch this space! Let us know below how you think NDC might benefit you as a travel buyer and whether you’ve already experienced any of the benefits yourself. If you want to experience NDC for yourself, speak to one of our sales team about using our online booking tool YourTrip and get in touch today.