Despite technology proving the driving force for the future of travel management, reports show that there are still some issues which corporate travellers face. So, what are they – and can a travel management company resolve them?

A recent study by the GBTA Foundation and Sabre Corporation has revealed the main concerns of Corporate Travellers. These range from things which – unfortunately – can be completely unexpected and therefore are nigh on impossible to resolve, to issues which could easily be solved simply by working with the right travel management company, which suits your individual business needs.

The number one concern for business travellers is time spent in transit, closely followed by any layovers they might have to make. It’s very clear from this evidence that time is of the essence to the modern business traveller. They appreciate any efforts to minimise wasting time, therefore efficiency is key to winning them over.

Some of the concerns which cannot be completely resolved by a TMC include the temporary working environment whilst they’re travelling, and the stress of working away from their usual office. However, although we cannot solve these issues there are ways TMCs can alleviate some of the stress associated with these issues. At Gray Dawes, we help our frequent flyers utilise all of the loyalty benefits available to them, which can include booking into airport lounges when travelling to enjoy some the quieter, more professional atmosphere. We can also find you a hotel room or accommodation which includes a desk space.

One of the most difficult complications for travelling professionals is the aggravation of having to prepare an expense report when returning from a business trip. After being away from your office for a few days, returning to your usual office and having to catch up with your team, the last thing you have time for is to work on compiling a detailed expense report. At Gray Dawes Group we take the hassle out of this and will send you a finalised report.

Even higher up on the list than preparing expense reports, was having to change a flight or train reservation during a trip. We completely understand that the nature of business – and life – means that each day can be unpredictable. Whether you need to travel home earlier for an emergency, or would like to extend your trip, working with a TMC takes the hassle out of changing existing travel plans. Simply speak with your designated travel agent, and they’ll be able to sort this for you – both your accommodation and any transport bookings.

At Gray Dawes we’ll help make your business trip more straight-forward with our two prong approach: technology and our team of experienced, dedicated travel experts. The automation of our technology makes organising your itinerary before your trip, and compiling your finance reports after your trip straightforward and simple. We also offer traveller tracking technology, for yours and your employers peace of mind.

Our dedicated travel team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will be there with you on your journey every single step of the way, whenever you might need them.

Speak to us today, and discover how we could help relieve some of the stress out of your business trips.