With six Suites tucked spaciously within the front cabin of the upper deck, customers will experience a sense of exclusivity and privacy aboard Singapore Airlines’ brand new A380 aircraft.

Behind each Suite’s private sliding door can be found a separate full-flat bed, as well as an electronically adjustable reclining leather swivel chair. Both can be deployed at the same time, allowing customers to choose and alternate their resting position, without any conversions being needed. If preferred, the bed can instead be stowed to create even more personal space, while for couples travelling together, the beds in two pairs of Suites can be joined together to create optional double beds.

Electrical window blinds, ambient lighting, a full sized wardrobe and 32” HD touchscreen are some of the additional features included for customers’ convenience, while the Lalique designed Sleeper Suit and Lalique amenity kits further ensure customers have everything they need for a comfortable flight.