In an effort to reduce delays and improve efficiency, Ryanair have recently announced their second change to their baggage policy in less than a year.

Passengers travelling with Ryanair as of the 1st November 2018 will be subject to the new terms set out in their updated baggage policy, which have proven somewhat controversial.

Back in January, the affordable airline carrier announced they were allowing customers to take on a carry-on item of up to 10kg in addition to one smaller personal bag. This has now been overridden by their latest update announcing that only Ryanair Priority customers will be allowed two pieces of luggage in the carrier, with non-priority customers only allowed to take on a small bag which fits under a seat.

The option to pay for priority status can currently be purchased for £6 each way, per traveller, or a non-priority customer can pay to check another larger piece of luggage (up to 10kg) into the drop desk for £8 each way, at the time of booking, or for £10 at the airport. However, it’s worth noting that priority tickets will be capped at 95 per flight – typically half the capacity of a Ryanair flight.

Ryanair announced that this decision was made in an effort to reduce delays which they have experienced ever since allowing customers to bring on a second carry-on item, they claim that this caused delays to its goal of 25-minute flight turnarounds.

Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs, explains “This new policy will speed up the boarding process and cut flight delays. 60% of customers will be unaffected by these changes and we expect that the other 40% will either choose to buy priority boarding or a 10kg check-bag or will choose to travel with only one free small bag – as 30% already do so.”

What are your thoughts on this new policy introduced by Ryanair? Would you rather wait a little bit longer for your flight, or pay to be able to conveniently take your luggage on-board? Let us know in the comments.