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Find out why travelling around Europe via train is quickly becoming one of the most popular options among business travellers and why it can have a positive impact on the environment, traveller wellbeing and your travel spend.


With over 2,500 train stations spread across the UK and tens of thousands across the rest of Europe, travel by rail gives you something that air travel can’t always achieve, the ability to visit anywhere – anytime. When working with a TMC such as Gray Dawes, European Rail also comes the same support of our teams’ expert knowledge that you would expect with domestic and international rail. 

We believe that every station across Europe represents an opportunity for a new business relationship. European rail is available through online booking tools such as YourTrip. Purchasing tickets is easy and travelling via train over air can give you the onboard comfort, the ability to rest or work and the speed. Find out below how you’re just one train trip away from meeting your business goals.



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While travelling for business is an important part of building relationships, it’s important that business travellers make good, sustainable choices. Choosing rail travel over air or car can help cut your carbon emissions without making a compromise on your travel experience.

Combine this with the fact that trains are faster than cars, especially when going short distances and into city centres, it makes complete sense to make the switch especially for those shorter journeys. Trains can also sometimes be quicker across some countries than flying, making them the perfect green option for intercity links.


Travelling by train is often a much more cost-effective way to carry out business trips. Buying short-haul flight tickets or renting a car can soon become expensive, especially when there are multiple legs to your journey. 

Train ticket prices do not tend to fluctuate as much as they do when booking certain types of plane tickets, which means no matter when you book you are more likely to get a good deal or at the very least consistent pricing each trip. With some tickets including a meal delivered directly to your seat sometimes at no extra cost, travelling by rail can reduce the overall cost of your trip.


Booking train tickets provides more flexibility for business travellers. There are often plenty of train times available and some operators allow passengers to change their ticket booking with no fees depending on availability and other factors.

A train ride also provides a better overnight experience, making for a more comfortable journey. With some flights only operating at set times, travelling by train can mean avoiding that 3am airport wake up call to catch the only flight which will get to your destination on time.

Ease of Use

Luggage is easily carried onboard trains, whether it’s a small briefcase for a day trip or a larger suitcase for a multi-day business journey. Where-as airlines have now become more strict on hand luggage which can mean longer waiting times at your destination airport waiting for your luggage at arrivals.

Most train lines connect directly to major airports, for those who need to combine rail travel with a flight or combining two or more business trips. With our online booking tool YourTrip is has never been easier to book multiple legs of a journey in one place.

Added Extras

Make the most of your travel time with free WiFi, usually available and stable throughout your train journeys. This great added extra allows you to catch up on emails or prepare presentations on the go.

Seats on trains are generally wider, have more leg room and are better suited for both resting or working. When travelling by car for example, it can be difficult to catch up on work. 

With lots of power points available at each seat onboard most trains, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery and many trains have onboard cafes where you can purchase refreshments.

Group Travel

Last but not least, when travelling as a group by air, the complications around airport security and the position of airplane seats makes it difficult to have any prolonged and meaningful conversations with your travel companions. Which is why, when two or more colleagues are travelling together for business, rail makes it a lot easier for groups to coordinate logistics, all the while having the ability to work, socialise and communicate while in transit. 

Duty of care is a particularly important issue right now, especially when it comes to health and safety. That’s why many are choosing group rail over air travel as it provides more options to seat large groups together. We believe, as business travel returns over the coming months, that your staff will be more comfortable travelling knowing they’re sitting next to their colleagues.


To help you navigate the changes of business travel, we’ve created the brand-new Traveller Toolkit. This invaluable online resource is packed full of easy-to-use guides and checklists for every stage of every journey. We detail exactly what you need to know and do before, during and after your trip.

You’ll also find innovative and interactive virtual trips, which walk you through each step of  being at the airport, on the train and in the hotel. You can even check the travel restrictions and health status of your destination with our comprehensive COVID-19 Country Tracker, updated five times daily to ensure you have the very latest information to help keep you and your travellers safe.

Travel is changing. But with common sense and a good TMC behind you, travellers should have the confidence to once again take to the skies. It’ll soon be business as (un)usual.