that make business travel easier

There’s nothing quite like finding an app that makes your life easier. Earlier this month we shared some insights on some apps which helped around the home. Now it’s time to share some of the bests apps out there which help business travellers while they’re on the move.



1. Waze

There is nothing more frustrating than picking up your rental car from the airport after a flight and immediately sitting in traffic. With Waze this is a problem of the past. Waze makes it easy to avoid congestion, blocked roads, police, accidents or other hazards that might increase your driving time. Users of the app are encouraged to regularly share updates on anything interfering with their journey, in order to improve the experience of other drivers. If you regularly drive anywhere for business both domestically and abroad, we highly recommend adding Waze to your app arsenal.

International business trips are great but fending of the jet lag can be tricky. The Timeshifter app has been developed by world renowned scientists who used sleep and circadian neuroscience to create personalised jet lag plans for you. Some of the worlds best astronauts and elite athletes have endorsed the app, saying that they have used it to arrive at their destinations in tip-tip shape. You can try the app for free, so why not give it a go on your next long-haul trip and see if you shift time zones jet leg free and performing at your best.

We’ve all been there, you’re at the hotel on a business trip the morning of a meeting and panic ensues as you realise you’ve forgot an essential you just can’t do without. This is a problem of the past with the PackPoint app. Simply input the dates the location, the type of travel, and the activities you plan on doing and the app will conveniently generate a list of items you should bring. PackPoint even checks the weather to make sure you bring an umbrella or a heavier jacket depending on your destination. It’s as easy as that.

All the previous apps are great once you’ve booked a business trip but let’s take it back to the beginning for a minute. YourTrip Booker allows you to book every element of your trip in one to easy use place. Our intuitive app gives you all the capabilities of our desktop online booking tool, YourTrip, straight to your mobile device. With the most flight, hotel, rail and car hire options out there, you’ll be spoilt for choice. It even integrates with our itinerary app, YourTrip Traveller, seamlessly to give you an even better travel experience.

We understand that travelling can be hectic at times, this is why we developed a better way to manage your trips while on the move. Having every step of your journey in one simple to use app removes the headache of managing multiple parts of your journey in multiple apps. YourTrip Traveller is easy to navigate and gives you full and detailed, end-to-end view of your upcoming and past trips. Want to add another part of your journey to the app? No problem just get in touch with our online team and it can be added the same day.