BTN Europe Podcast Episode 16

Have we reached a tipping point on NDC?

The latest from the BTN Europe podcast series, featuring a panel of experts discussing the latest issues facing the managed travel industry. 

Emirates has announced that it will start charging for GDS content from July, on the same day that it launches exclusive content on its direct connect platform, Emirates Gateway, enabled by IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC). The International Airlines Group, parent of British Airways, Iberia and Are Lingus, have reached a deal to give Amadeus-connected agents and corporate access to MDC content later this year.

Given the following and response both these announced received in the press and on social media, it seems the industry is still obsessed with NDC.

So, in this podcast, our panel discusses and answers some of the highly charged questions that came up. We discuss how the downturn in business travel, caused by the pandemic, has slashed money flows in the system, giving an opportunity to rethink how that money moves around the industry. TMCs in particular are desperate to avoid becoming commercialised and need to be able to generate more revenue per trip. It seems every player in the supply chain is going to be paid for the value they provide.

But what is NDC content? It can be anything from an extra bag to even providing a mariachi band to play out as you board the plane, if that’s what you want. The problem is control and the airlines have challenges providing that level of control between hubs and different members of their airline alliances. NDC promises a new retailing world, but who is the retailer?

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