Driving Towards a Greener Future

Avis Budget Group and the Environment

We recently caught up with our friends at Avis Budget Group to learn about all their impressive environmental sustainability initiatives.

As one of the world’s leading transportation solutions providers, Avis Budget Group understands the significance of their role in helping to achieve a sustainable business travel industry. They know it’s important to act responsibly and do their part to support global efforts in the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

Check out some of Avis’s impressive initiatives, below, and enter our Avis competition to win a £200 Amazon Gift Card!

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Leading The Way

We believe that leading the way in sustainable transportation solutions and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles is key to not only reaching our 2030 environmental targets but, more importantly, effecting substantial change.

That’s why, in 2020, we committed to an industry-first greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 30% by 2030 (using the absolute-based approach – an absolute target refers to a reduction in actual emissions in a future year when compared to a base year).

2021 Highlights
  • 5.3 million miles driven in electric vehicles
  • 63% of our vehicles are rated 30 miles per gallon (highway) or better
  • 68% of our vehicles in Scandinavia are hybrid or electric
  • 30,000 hybrid and electric vehicles (one of the largest low-emission car rental fleets)
  • 400+ VW eGolfs (Zipcar), the largest publicly available fleet of electric vehicles in the UK.
2030 Targets
  • Reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 30%
  • Minimize water footprint by 30%
  • Achieve zero waste-to-landfill for tires, windscreens, motor oils, and car batteries
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In 2021, we began working toward our goal of reducing our water footprint by 30% and achieving zero waste-to-landfill (both by 2030).

Our 30% emissions target is directly tied to our fleet because consumer use of our vehicles currently comprises 99% of our combined emissions. During the next decade, we are determined to offer a fleet that keeps getting greener, smarter, and safer.

This is how we’re doing it…
  • Ensuring electric and hybrid vehicles are available to rent at most of our rental locations.
  • Optimizing our fleet by leveraging connected vehicle technology.
  • Making sustainable transportation central to our company by expanding car-sharing solutions (through our Zipcar brand).
  • Expanding transportation accessibility through our partnership with Via, a micro-transit company
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Offering A Green, Smart, Safe Fleet

Fleet Efficiency

We believe the passenger vehicle ecosystem is heading towards electric and hybrid vehicles.

In anticipation of this shift, we have been working with our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners to optimize a product line for EVs, while our charging infrastructure partners tackle logistical hurdles. Our customers can choose from a wide variety of vehicles, including hybrids, electric, or fuel-efficient vehicles, at virtually all our rental locations.

As the demand for EVs and availability of charging stations evolve, we will allocate these vehicles where they are most needed and have access to the necessary infrastructure.

Avis EV
Expected EV Transition in the U.S.*


U.S. EV production is ramping up.

  • 2022: 1% of U.S. cars on the road are electric.
  • 2035: 50% (estimated) of cars sold in the U.S. will be electric.
  • 2050: 60%-70% of U.S. cars on the road will be electric. As automakers ramp up the production of EVs and infrastructure updates keep pace, we will be ready

*According to Reuters Graphics: The long road to electric cars in the U.S.

More Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Enable Speedy Emissions Reduction


In Scandinavia, 68% of our fleet is hybrid and electric (up 25% from 2020), making it the largest fuel-efficient rental fleet in the region. In 2019, Avis Sweden (AS) set out to reduce their emissions per kilometer from 100 grams CO2 to 60 by 2025.

The AS Go Green program guarantees all customers an environmentally friendly car on demand. It became popular immediately. The AS Go Green customers’ prolific use of hybrids and EVs propelled Avis Sweden past their 2025 goal by 10 grams CO2 (down to 50 CO2 grams per kilometer), four years early. Now, Avis Sweden is vowing to cut that number in half to 25 by 2025.

Partnering With Our Corporate Customers

We partner with corporate customers to help them reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and meet their own carbon offset targets.

Carbon Footprint Calculations


We can calculate greenhouse gas emission data for our corporate customers and gather additional information about specific locations or countries for any time frame, such as vehicle type, miles driven, and fuel consumption. Once our customers determine their annual greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets with respect to their car rental use, we collaborate with them to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

Carbon Offset Program


Through our carbon offset program, we support corporate customers who want to minimize the environmental impact of their car rental programs. Carbon offset credits are created through projects that remove or reduce greenhouse gas emissions through renewable energy generation, electric rail systems, or improved cook stoves.

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