It is every company’s worst fear to have business travellers embroiled in an unforeseeable incident. On 22nd May 2017 Manchester became the subject of a co-ordinated terrorist attack which targeted a concert at Manchester Arena.

Gray Dawes takes the safety of its clients’ employees very seriously and as soon as news of the terrorist attack broke, a combination of quick thinking, technology and documented processes ensured we could promptly locate all our clients’ employees who were in Manchester at the time of the incident.

As the event occurred outside of normal working hours, Gray Dawes’ Out of Hours emergency service alerted the appropriate Section Manager at Gray Dawes who in turn contacted the Operations Manager

Together they worked quickly to identify any travellers who may have been affected by the attacks. Reports were run and confirmed that travellers were staying within the nearby area. Our client was then contacted and made aware of which of their employees were in Manchester.  Each individual traveller was then contacted directly by mobile telephone (the numbers of which were instantly retrieved from their traveller profiles) either arranging alternative accommodation or altering their travel arrangements to suit the individual.

I just wanted to say a big thank-you to you / your team for all your efforts last night and early this morning. It’s very much appreciated”



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