Gray Dawes identified opportunities for GAB Robins to make considerable savings by booking more travel online. Our aim;

  • Achieve an overall online target of 80% from 40%
  • Individual targets for each travel element i.e. Domestic Air 75% and UK rail 85% to identify areas of success and areas for improvement
  • Encourage advance purchase of rail tickets and reduce ticket on departure bookings
  • Educate bookers to ‘think smarter’ and plan and book flights further in advance
  • Educate bookers on different types of rail fares
  • Encourage booking more restricted tickets
  • Mandate all point to point, Domestic and European Flights, Hotels and UK rail to be booked online

A bespoke online training programme was put into place, designed to reflect GAB’s travel profile and authorisation processes.

Gray Dawes provided detailed reporting that identified any bookings that should have been made online and which booker made the reservations, this made it easy to identify adverse trends and any potential training issues.

Visual guilt (an alert facility built into gdbookonline) played an important part in reducing costs. Highlighting to the user when the cheapest fare hadn’t been selected.

Positive communication was key throughout and in addition to regular travel alerts and bulletins, Gray Dawes hosted quarterly forums to share figures and demonstrate ways to save money.


  • £168,000 savings made in 2 years.

  • Achieved online adoption target of 80% in first year

  • Increased online adoption to 88% second year.

  • Increased online rail bookings to 94%

  • Changed bookers behaviour through education and communication

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