UK Quarantine Measures

14 Day Isolation Period


[updated 4 June]

The Introduction of 14 Day Quarantine Measures
for Entry Into the UK

From 8 June, all travellers arriving in the UK must self-isolate for a period of 14 days. This new rule follows yesterday’s new legislation being passed by the Government.

We regret that there is still a worrying lack of detail at this late stage and, together with our colleagues in the BTA, are pushing for answers to remaining outstanding queries. We can only hope that industry collaboration towards wide scale lifting of these restrictions can be achieved after the first three weeks review.

Clarification Points and Traveller Guidelines

  1. We are still seeking clarification on exact starting time on 08 June and if this will at 0001 BST on 08 June.
  2. Passengers must complete a Pre-Travel Locator Form online & receives digital certificate including passport number. The passenger stores digitally, or as printed confirmation.
  3. Transit passengers (voluntary and involuntary) overnighting in UK must complete the online form and self-isolate for the duration. Transfer to the hotel is according to UK public transport guidelines and private transfer is recommended. Hotel transfer buses will need to comply with Govt guidelines but are not the preferred option but not officially denied.
  4. For transit passengers travelling through the UK on the same day who have to cross the border, such as split ticketed, different airport or terminal etc – we are still awaiting clarification.
  5. The exemptions list will not be updated in respect of the legislation. This could impact flexibility on above transit issue.
  6. Airline on-board announcement are same/similar to those advised in the Guidance to Operators issued 11 May. But we have requested urgent confirmation or specific messaging.
  7. The CAA will have the power to enforce mandatory requirements on airlines to notify passengers and sanctions include a potential fine (details to be advised)
  8. Airlines liability does not include whether passengers have completed the form or any requirement to complete on their behalf. It is simply adequate notification.
  9. Airline notification is to be mandatory at point of booking, point of check-in and an on-board announcement.
  10. The online form is expected to go live this Thursday on the .GOV website. This is later than ideal as airlines require the URL for their communications.
  11. Exempted passengers are still required to complete the online locator form with the only exceptions being Diplomatic, Military or essential Border staff. This is where passenger confusion may most likely occur.
  12. Industry has requested additional exemptions and clarity over engineers and other essential technical or other persons to aviation as these are not specifically referenced in the various potential categories in the current online list.