IATA Travel Pass

Singapore Airlines first to pilot the app
Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines (SIA) will be the world’s first airline to pilot the full solution IATA Travel Pass, starting with passengers travelling from Singapore to London from 15 -28 March.


To re-open borders without quarantine and restart aviation, governments need to be confident that they are effectively mitigating the risk of importing COVID-19. This means having accurate information on passengers’ COVID-19 health status. Travel Pass is IATA’s solution to this. Scroll down for more information.

Singapore Airlines had previously worked with IATA during the initial stages of the Travel Pass.

Passengers will be invited to download the IATA Travel Pass app, and then create a digital ID which will have their profile photo and passport information. They can also input their flight information into the app.

They can then book their pre-departure Covid-19 test at one of seven clinics in Singapore via a dedicatedonline portal. When they get to the clinic they will use their digital ID and flight information to register for the test –and the results will be sent securely and safely to them via the app. The passenger will also receive confirmation of their status to fly. That status is certified by IATA’s Timaticregistry –a key part of the Travel Pass that provides all back-end information on the Covid-19 testing and entry requirements.

This pilot scheme will pave the way for the integration of the entire digital health verification process into the SingaporeAirmobile app from around mid-2021, again using IATA’s Travel Pass framework.

IATA’s partnership with Singapore Airlines for the first full deployment of the IATA Travel Pass will help get the world flying again. In the immediate term, it is the solution for travelers to safely and securely manage their travel health credentials. 

In the longer term, the digital identity elements of the IATA Travel Pass will place Singapore Airlines passengers at the front of the queue for an even more convenient contactless travel experience.


About IATA Travel Pass

Informing passengers on what tests, vaccines and other measures they require prior to travel, details on where they can get tested and giving them the ability to share their tests and vaccination results in a verifiable, safe and privacy-protecting manner is the key to giving governments the confidence to open borders. To address this challenge IATA is working on launching the IATA Travel Pass, a digital platform for passengers.

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