Earn More

With Emirates Business Rewards

Everyone wants to get more for their money. With Emirates Business Rewards, you earn every time you fly.

Join the free loyalty programme and gain Business Reward Points whenever your employees or guest travellers fly with Emirates. You can then spend these points like cash to secure flights and upgrades.

You can fly with Emirates to over 130 destinations around the world. So wherever your business takes you, make your travel streamlined, economical and unforgettable.


Business Trips With More Rewards

Earning more has never been simpler

Earn 1 Business Rewards Point for every USD$1 you spend on your airfare, including carrier charges. You can then spend your Points instead of cash on Dynamic Reward Flights and Upgrades, whether that’s for future business trips or as rewards for your employees.

What’s more, as a member of the Emirates Business Rewards Programme you have the flexibility to book any fare, in any class, on any flights – even on last-minute trips.

Female Reclining in Emirates Airline Seat
Male and Female in business wear standing at the reception of an Emirates Hotel
Start Enjoying the Benefits

It’s free and easy to join Emirates Business Rewards. Sign up today and enjoy these benefits:


  • Reduce what you spend on business travel
  • Manage and track your bookings easily
  • Register as many employees or guest travellers as you want
  • Fly in world-class comfort and arrive at your meetings refreshed
  • Earn Skywards Miles and Tier Miles on the same flight
How to Earn

Earning is easy. Simply add your Emirates Business Rewards membership number to your flight booking, and the Points will appear in your account within four weeks. That’s 1 Business Rewards Point for every USD$1 you spend on the base airfare.

Your Chauffeur Service

Enjoy luxury from door to door. Fly First Class or Business Class and Emirates will drive you to and from the airport. Switch off, relax, and enjoy the view while your very own chauffeur does the rest.

Chaffeur Service

Keep Track of Your Travel

The Emirates Business Rewards online reporting tools and user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to keep track of your business travel in one convenient place:


  • View your Points balance
  • Book Dynamic Reward Flights and Upgrades
  • Change your travel dates
  • Get reports on your Points, your favourite routes and more
Air Canada Business Class 1


Raise your comfort level to Premium Economy on selected Emirates A380 flights and enjoy:


  • Your own separate cabin
  • Cream leather seats 19.5 inches wide
  • Raised cushioned leg rests and 8 inch recline
  • Inflight entertainment system with over 5000 channels
  • In-seat charging port
  • The latest Wifi system and bluetooth connectivity

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