JDX Consulting had no documented policy or defined process when it came to business travel. Each individual booked travel online using their personal credit card and claimed back on expenses. The reconciliation process for each individual expense claim placed a particular strain on the Finance team and took out 4 working days of time a month. The company also lacked visibility of their travellers which caused concerns over duty of care. The lack of policy and compliance also contributed to increased costs and concerns about best value.

Travellers often work away for long periods of time so duty of care is paramount. Recently, a traveller had booked a long stay property via a home rental site. When they arrived, they realised the property was above a pub, incredibly noisy and unfit for business purpose.

Gray Dawes Head of Sales met with JDX Consulting to understand their key requirement’s; a local personal service, travel policy development, value for money, visibility of their travellers, a succinct payment mechanism. She then developed a JDX specific Scope of Services document which detailed our offering. A kick-off implementation call was scheduled which included; Lead Consultant, Operations Manager, Head of Sales, JDX Travel lead, Implementation Manager.

Kathryn Lewis acted as the dedicated Prince 2 trained Implementation Manager. She developed a project plan with key milestones and set a go live date. She scheduled in regular meetings to track progress, acquire additional information and test the build to ensure a seamless transition.

Key Developments

  • Arranged traveller drop in sessions to meet the dedicated Travel Consultant and Account Manager

  • Developed travel policy, benchmarked against similar clients

  • Established rate caps for hotels in key locations

  • Set up account facility meaning only one payment per month

  • Ability to book travel throughout the implementation period

“This is great news thank you so much for pushing this, all is working out great and have had good feedback from one of our Relationship Managers already”


Louise Campbell, JDX Consulting

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