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At Gray Dawes Travel we recognise that we’re not just there to secure the best travel fares, the most innovative itineraries, the slickest online tools or the most experienced consultants. We’re there as an extension of our clients’ own organisations – their out-of-house travel management department.

We achieve this because of the depths we go to in understanding our clients; their culture, their values and their objectives. Only then can we deliver on a higher level, with our trademark emphasis on the personal touch. Only then can we delight with remarkable value, innovation and service.

That’s what we call ‘better’ travel.

More Choices

It’s nice to have a choice. We can deliver the content your company wants and needs. Our bespoke booking too can include or exclude suppliers based on commercial partnerships or duty of care criteria. Content from recognised travel retailing sites, such as and Expedia, are served up alongside direct airline content, giving you the confidence that you’re getting the best possible price.

Payment Consolidation

A consolidated payment solution can offer significant time savings for you or your finance team. Whether you opt for credit card payments or an invoiced solution with up to 45 day credit terms, we’ll takes the hassle out of long outdated processes. This gives you back the time you need to do what you’re best at – running your organisation.

A Helping Hand

Things don’t always go to plan, we get that. Plans can change, you miss a flight or travel disruptions out of your control can occur, meaning you need to rebook at a moment’s notice. Recently, 50%+ of bookings made with us have either changed or need a refund. As we emerge out of COVID-19, this will be a continuous theme. We deal directly with suppliers to alleviate these issues for you.


Dedicated Account Management

Data is the basis of better business travel. What better way to tackle that data than by having your own dedicated team to help you make sense of it all? We’ll provide you with an Account Manager who will become an extension of your own organisation; there to enhance your travel programme and your business. 

We’ll create a live management information platform for you, using our powerful online reporting system, YourHub. We’ll share reports with you that can either be accessed online or via monthly PDF downloads, sent to each of the budget holders across your company.


Compliance to your travel policy leads to cost savings. By providing a system to your bookers that only includes options within your policy, you ensure adherence at all times. This is nearly impossible if bookers are using different channels continuously and can create additional admin work.

Duty of Care

Knowing your travellers are safe at all times is crucial and can be difficult with self booking. We’ll make this a reality by combining robust human procedures with innovative technology. In times of crisis, you’ll able to swiftly locate anyone affected and we can  get them home quickly and safely.


While traveller experience and satisfaction is important, you need to ensure that you maximise value from your travel spend. We’ll help you develop your travel programme through smart data analysis, which then allows us to leverage your total spend volume to get you better rates directly with suppliers. 



Online Booking Tools

With the most flight, hotel, rail and care hire options out there, you will be spoilt for choice. But we understand it’s not always about quantity over quality, which is why our booking platform is completely agile to meet your needs perfectly. Whether it’s controlling your travel policy, managing approvals or capturing your data, it is completely tailored and flexible. 

Stunning and simple technology to empower your business travel experience.

Better Process

We are a totally digital travel management company with a very personal approach to service deliver. The tool used by your dedicated team of travel consultants is exactly the same one you’ll use online for simple trips. So whether arranging travel with us, from your smartphone on the go or on your laptop in the office, it’s all in sync, cutting down on paperwork and improving processes.

Time is Money

While you can find a flight or hotel room at a good price using a metasearch engine or online travel agency, you may not be finding the best options or rates and it can take you a lot more time – time better spent running your business! Plus, the dangers of DIY business travel come with no guarantee that a booking is within your travel policy, creating the real possibility of a refund or change.

Policy Perfection

Your travel policy should be an ever evolving thing, ensuring it remains relevant to what’s happening in the world and within your own company. We’re here to guide, steer and manage all of that for you. As your own out-of-house travel department, we’ll manage your travel programme to drive enhancements across value, safety, sustainability and service.



Travel Consultancy

Gray Dawes Consulting is our impartial, in-house team of experienced travel data experts. Together, they represent 90 years of experience, making the most of market-leading tools and analytics to drive corporate travel booking efficiencies, cost savings and traveller satisfaction.

In fact, Gray Dawes are the first travel management company to offer a unique travel consultancy service which specialises in the SME / Mid Market space.



We don’t just specialise in business travel you know.


We’re a part of the Gray Dawes Group, an organisation with specialisms and expertise in many sectors. If you need help planning the holiday of your dreams, or showcasing an event that’ll never be forgotten, then we’ve got you covered.


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